Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire

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Pedigrees and arms of various families of Lancashire and Cheshire are included in many of the volumes.

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Page 100 - meat offering shalt thou season with "salt; neither sbalt thou suffer the 'salt of the covenant of thy ░ God to be lacking from thy ' meat offering: with all thine ░ offerings thou shalt 'offer salt.
Page 196 - June, 1853. DAVID THOM, DD, Vice-President, in the Chair. PROCEEDINGS. The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed. A letter was read from the Lord Bishop of Chester ; after which he was balloted for, in accordance with a by-law, and unanimously elected.
Page 86 - A Collection of the several Statutes and Parts of Statutes, now' in Force, relating to High Treason, and misprision of High Treason.
Page 139 - Alfred commanded long ships to be built to oppose the "esks;" they were full-nigh twice as long as the others; some had sixty oars, and some had more ; they were both swifter and steadier, and also higher than the others. They were shapen neither like the Frisian nor the Danish, but so as it seemed to him they would be most efficient.
Page 91 - My lusts they do me leave, My fancies all are fled, And tract of time begins to weave Grey hairs upon my head. For Age with stealing steps Hath clawed me with his crutch, And lusty Life away she leaps As there had been none such.
Page 59 - Its height above the land surrounding it was three yards, though apparently greater, from a trench or water-course, •which ran at its base on the south and west sides, and on the outside of which were distinct remains of a vallum, or earthern parapet. Prior to the year 1832, when a large portion was removed from the south-west border of the hill, its level summit measured from east to west fifty-four...
Page 188 - The Battle of Flodden Field ; a Poem of the Sixteenth Century, with the various readings of the different copies, historical notes, a glossary, and an appendix containing ancient poems and historical matter relating to the same event. By Henry Weber, Edinburgh, 1808.
Page 199 - One of Robert Pursglove, a distinguished ecclesiastic, and a native of Tideswell, from Tideswell Church. By Joseph Mayer, FSA A curious ancient representation of the General Judgment, in Limoges enamel, being part of the collection in his Egyptian Museum. Also a similar illustration of the Judgment Scene, in the last number of the Journal of the British Archaeological Association. An original letter from Oliver Cromwell, written at Warrington 20th August, 1648. See illustration. By Dr. Hume. A Vulgate...
Page 189 - Furney's fells. All Lancashire for the most part The lusty Stanley stout did lead; A stock of striplings, strong of heart, Brought up from babes with beef and bread.
Page 179 - Mr. Vernon, in remarking upon these facts, observes, " the language of our seamen in general is well worth a close investigation, as it certainly contains not a few archaisms ; but the subject requires time and patience, for in the mouths of those who call the Bellerophon and the Ville de Milan, the Billy Ruffian and the Wheel-em-along, there is nothing " But doth suffer a sea-change Into something new and strange.

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