Last Days

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Religion - 108 pages

Churches the world over are claiming to embrace Christianity while they embrace the world with a consuming passion. Biblical wickedness is at astounding levels and being embraced by the professing church. A religion which denies that Jesus is the Christ is rising on the world scene like a raging inferno. The cries of our slain unborn are crying out to God like the blood of righteous Able. Armies are massing around the borders of Israel. The world is embracing a doctrine of "Every man has a right to do what is right in their own eyes". Mothers are killing their own children leaving the natural affection of motherhood. Persecution against the church is on the rise. Are we in the last days spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ? The love of many has grown cold toward God but immorality in the church is fueling the flames of sin. We must be about our Fathers business and trim the wicks so that we can witness, live and preach in the power of the Holy Spirit in these trying times. This book is an appeal to the Christian. It is laying bare the truth that we are at the midnight hour. It is not an explanation of the Book of Revelation. It is an exhortation to turn to Christ with all of our hearts that we may be found in him with our whole heart.

I hope you get the blessing and exhortation in Christ that is the driving force behind this book. It was my fingers that typed but it is Gods burden, The Holy Ghost guidance and the Lord Jesus Christ love that compelled me to write. May God bless you abundantly in the Spirit of Christ as you read.

In Christ wonderful and everlasting service,

Rev. Ronnie Hixon

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