Burke's Tales for Little Readers

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P.P. Simmons, 1909 - Readers

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Page 21 - The better to run with, my child." "What big ears you have, Grandmother!" "The better to hear you with, my child." "What big eyes you have, Grandmother!" "The better to see you with, my child.
Page 20 - what long arms you have ! " " The better to hug you, my dear," said the wolf. " And, grandmother, what long ears you have ! " " The better to hear you, my dear." "But, grandmother, what great eyes you have!" " The better to see you, my dear.
Page 51 - And they also had each a bed to sleep in : a great huge bed for the great huge bear, a middle-sized bed for the middle-sized bear, and a little wee bed for the little wee bear. One morning, after they had boiled the milk and honey for their breakfast, and poured it into their basins, they went into the wood to take a walk while the milk and honey was cooling.
Page 118 - He covered his face with his hands, and trembled from head to foot. "Harry !" There was no answer, and a bright flush rose on that fair girl's cheek. She raised herself with an effort, and snatched away his hands. " Harry, look at me— listen to me while I have strength to speak. As surely as...
Page 94 - ... he began to think that there might be some truth in the tale.
Page 64 - Once upon a time there was a poor man who lived in a hut with his wife.

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