The Clerk's Manual of Rules, Forms and Laws for the Regulations and Business in the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York ...

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1857, 1861 are the rules of the Assembly only/

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Page 90 - House to recede from any subject-matter of difference subsisting between the two Houses at any time previous to conference, whether the papers on which such difference arose are before the House receding, formally or informally; and on such vote to recede, the same number shall be required to constitute a quorum to act thereon, and to assent to such receding, as was required on the original question out of which the difference arose.
Page 71 - He shall appoint all committees, except where the house shall otherwise order. 4. He may substitute any member to perform the duties of the chair for a period not exceeding two consecutive legislative days, but for no longer period, except by special consent of the house.
Page 84 - When a question shall be under consideration, no motion shall be received except as herein specified, which motions shall have precedence in the order stated, viz. : 1. For an adjournment of the house. 2. A call of the house. 3. For the previous question. 4. To lay on the table. 5. To postpone indefinitely. 6. To postpone to a certain day.
Page 89 - When a bill or resolution which has been passed in one House shall be rejected in the other, it shall not be brought in during the same session, without a notice of ten days, and leave of two-thirds of that House in which it shall be renewed.
Page 80 - The same rules shall be observed in committee of the whole as in the house, so far as the same are applicable, except that the previous question shall not apply ; nor the yeas and nays be taken. RULE 30. A motion to rise and report progress shall be in order at any stage, and shall be decided without debate.
Page 89 - In every case of an amendment of a bill agreed to in one house, and dissented to in the other, if either house shall request a conference, and appoint a committee for that purpose, and the other house shall also appoint a committee to confer, such...
Page 94 - There shall be a standing committee, consisting of three members of the Senate and five members of the Assembly, to be called the joint committee on the State Library and Cabinet of Natural History.
Page 75 - If any member, in speaking, or otherwise, transgress the rules of the House, the Speaker shall, or any member may, call to order ; in which case the member so called to order shall immediately sit down, unless permitted to explain, and the...
Page 77 - It shall be the duty of the committee on ways and means to examine into all the departments of the government, whether executive, legislative, judicial or otherwise, where salaries or emoluments are given ; to examine, ascertain and report to the house what officers can be dispensed with, and what salaries or emoluments can be reduced, and how far consistent with the public good; and to take such action in regard to section eight of article seven of the constitution of this state as may be requisite.
Page 80 - Each member shall be furnished daily with a printed list of the general orders, which shall be kept on his files by the sergeantat-arms, in the same manner as other printed documents. RULE 28. Any matter may be made a special order for any particular day, by the assent of two-thirds of the members present.

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