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A. Freeman, 1747 - English poetry - 62 pages

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Page 59 - Now purse that art to me my lives light, And saviour, as downe in this world here, Out of this towne helpe me by your might, Sith that you woll not be my treasure, For I am shave as nere as any frere, But I pray unto your curtesie, Be heavy againe, or els mote I die.
Page 22 - Item, I bequeath my body to the earth, from whence it came, to be buried where and in what manner my executrix hereafter named shall think fitt.
Page 33 - Cain, in disgrace with heaven, retired to Nod, A place, undoubtedly, as far from God As Cain could wish ; which makes some think he went As far as Scotland, ere he pitch'd his tent ; And there a city built of ancient fame, Which he, from Eden, Edinburgh did name.
Page 24 - I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two.
Page 18 - ... wishes) To fortify maw sacerdotal, Eleemosynary funk, And leave to be drunk, We humbly desire you to vote all. 8. Item, pray make us able To command steed in stable, When we are dispos'd ad ridendum ; And, if we want boots, Whips, spurs, orsartoots, Oblige surly groom straight to lend them.
Page 19 - The worst sort of simony, " Be the price of our presentation ; " Nor to wed a cast mistress " When she's in great distress, " Our requisite qualification. '3...
Page 23 - Item. I will and bequeath all my large Bookes of Acts, to them of the Fortune Play-House, for I hold it a deed of charity, in regard they want good action. All my great Books of Acts to be divided between the Fortune and the Bull ; for they spoyle many a good Play for want of Action.
Page 17 - That impertinent crew, " Your patience to weary and vex ' ' With a thing of no moment, ' ' That has small weight or none in't, " But's as idle and light as their sex. 3...
Page 58 - Bayes and Ivy-twine, who made his prayers to his Pur/e, to keep him out of debt, in this manner. To you my Purfe, and to none other wight Complain I, for you to be my Lady deer: I am forry now that you be light, For certes yee now make me heavy cheer, Me were as lefe laid upon a beer. For which unto your mercy thus I cry, Be heavy again, or elfe mote I dye. Now vouchfafe this day, or it be night, That I of you the blisfull found may heare, Or fee your colour...
Page 24 - Coudes of William Morgan ap Renald ap Hugh ap Richard ap Thomas ap Evan ap Rice, in the County of Glamorgan, Shentleman. " Inprimis — in the pantry of poultry for her owne eating, one great pigge 4 weeke old.

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