Studies in History and Politics

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Clarendon Press, 1920 - Europe - 213 pages

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Page 26 - Rousseau, Sir, is a very bad man. I would sooner sign a sentence for his transportation, than that of any felon who has gone from the Old Bailey these many years. Yes, I should like to have him work in the plantations.
Page 32 - Il ya donc une profession de foi purement civile dont il appartient au souverain de fixer les articles, non pas précisément comme dogmes de religion, mais comme sentiments de sociabilité sans lesquels il est impossible d'être bon citoyen ni sujet fidèle.
Page 26 - And though we do not say these refreshingly one-sided things now, most normal Englishmen and not a few distinguished Frenchmen do in substance agree with Dr. Johnson and think that Rousseau was a bad man who exercised a bad influence, and that it would have been better for the world if he had never been born.
Page 145 - Government ; the displaying of those national principles of honour, faith, rectitude, and humility which should ever characterise the name of an Englishman ; the impressing the lowest individual with these ideas and raising the heart of the Ryot from oppression and despondency to security and joy are the valuable results which must result to our nation from a prudent and wise behaviour on your part.
Page 165 - We leave out of our consideration those territories which at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century...
Page 32 - Que si quelqu'un, après avoir reconnu publiquement ces mêmes dogmes, se conduit comme ne les croyant pas, qu'il soit puni de mort t il a commis le plus grand des crimes, il a menti devant les lois.
Page 33 - L'homme est naturellement pacifique et craintif, au moindre danger son premier mouvement est de fuir; il ne s'aguerrit qu'à force d'habitude et d'expérience.
Page 166 - Almost everything which is most precious in our civilization has come from small States — the Old Testament, the Homeric poems, the Attic and the Elizabethan drama, the art of the Italian Renaissance, the common law of England.

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