Rudiment: Treatise on Arithmetic, with Key, Volume 2

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Page 43 - Every circumference of a. circle, whether the circle be large or small, is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts called degrees. Each degree is divided into 60 equal parts called minutes, and each minute into 60 equal parts called seconds.
Page 67 - To reduce a mixed number to an improper fraction, — RULE : Multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction, to the product add the numerator, and write the result over the denominator.
Page 42 - Land, or Square Measure. 144 square inches make 1 square foot. 9 square feet, 1 square yard.
Page 41 - TABLE. 20 grains (gr.) make 1 scruple, sc. or 9. 3 scruples " 1 dram, dr. or 3. .8 drams " 1 ounce, oz. or . 12 ounces
Page 41 - Troy Weight. 24 grains (gr.) - 1 pennyweight (dwt.) 20 pennyweights — 1 ounce (oz.) 12 ounces — 1 pound (1b.).
Page 4 - EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL SERIES. HISTORY. i. England, Outlines of the History of; more especially with reference to the Origin and Progress of the English Constitution. By WILLIAM DOUGLAS HAMILTON, FSA, of Her Majesty's Public Record Office. 4th Edition, revised. 5s. ; cloth boards, 6s. 5. Greece, Outlines of the History of; in connection with the Rise of the Arts and Civilization in Europe. By W. DOUGLAS HAMILTON, of University College, London, and EDWARD LEVIEN, MA, of Balliol College, Oxford.
Page 5 - ... the classical scholar who requires a book that may be carried in the pocket ; and it is believed that the present is the first attempt which has been made to offer a complete Lexicon of the Greek Language in so small a compass. In the volumes on ENGLAND, GREECE and ROME, it is intended to treat of History as a Science, and to present in a connected view an analysis of the large and expensive works of the most highly valued historical writers. The extensive circulation of the preceding Series...
Page 192 - College, Cambridge. To which are added, Directions for Great Circle Sailing; an Essay on the Law of Storms and Variable Winds ; and Explanations of Terms used in Ship-building. Ninth Edition, with several Engravings and Coloured Illustrations of the Flags of Maritime Nations.
Page 110 - If 3000 copies of a book of 11 sheets require 66 reams of paper, how much paper will be required for 5000 copies of a book of 12^ sheets ? 5.
Page 109 - Exercites. 1. If 14 horses eat 56 bushels of oats in 16 days, how many horses will 120 bushels keep for 24 days? 2. If a person walking 12 hours a day travel 250 miles in 9 days,. in how many days of 10 hours each could he walk 400 miles, at the same rate ? 3.

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