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Page 5 - Oh woman ! lovely woman ! Nature made thee To temper man : we had been brutes without you ! Angels are painted fair to look like you : There's in you all, that we believe of" heaven ; Amazing brightness, purity and truth, Eternal joy, and everlasting love.
Page 15 - I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass. Here's to the charmer whose dimples we prize; Now to the maid who has none, sir: Here's to the girl with a pair of blue eyes, And here's to the nymph with but one, sir.
Page 3 - I past this very moment by thy doors, And found them guarded by a troop of villains; The sons of public rapine were destroying: They told me, by the sentence of the law They had commission to seize all thy fortune: Nay, more; Priuli's cruel hand had sign'd it. Here stood a ruffian, with a horrid face, Lording it o'er a pile of massy plate, Tumbled into a heap for public sale': There was another making vitiations jests At thy undoing ; he had ta'en possession Of all thy ancient most domestic ornaments,...
Page 6 - But you're not to stand so, with your hands in your pockets. Take your hands from your pockets, Roger; and from your head, you blockhead, you. See how Diggory carries his hands. They're a little too stiff, indeed, but that's no great matter.
Page 2 - What a quantity of superfluous silk hast thou got about thee, girl ! I could never teach the fools of this age that the indigent world could be clothed out of the trimmings of the vain.
Page 3 - Eh ! you have frozen me to death again. That word reserved has undone all the rest of his accomplishments. A reserved lover, it is said, always makes a suspicious husband. HARD. On the contrary, modesty seldom resides in a breast that is not enriched with nobler virtues.
Page 7 - tis out of pure good humour ; and I take it for granted, they deal exactly in the same manner with me.
Page 9 - Sir, you have a right to command here. Here, Roger, bring us the bill of fare for to-night's supper : I believe it's drawn out. — Your manner, Mr. Hastings, puts me in mind of my uncle, Colonel Wallop. It was a saying of his, that no man was sure of his supper till he had eaten it.
Page 4 - Then come, put the jorum about. And let us be merry and clever. Our hearts and our liquors are stout. Here's the Three Jolly Pigeons for ever.
Page 12 - I'm in love with the town, and that serves to raise me above some of our neighbouring rustics; but who can have a manner, that has never seen the Pantheon, the Grotto Gardens, the Borough, and such places, where the nobility chiefly resort?

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