The Allyn & Bacon Sourcebook for Writing Program Administrators

Longman, 2002 - 400 sider

The Allyn & Bacon Sourcebook for Writing Program Administrators offers essential advice for the novice, the experienced, or the returning Writing Program Administrator. Provides eleven original works by nationally known writing program directors plus reprints of ground-breaking articles from journals like ADE Bulletin, College English and WPA: Writing Program Administrator. Many of the chapters have extensive bibliographies and help with such issues as teacher training and professional development, curriculum and assessment, and promotion and professional issues. Other chapters are focused on advice for planning a career and flourishing as an administrator. An extensive section of appendices collects the major professional statements pertaining to writing program administration: including statements about standards for teaching, working conditions, and much more. For anyone interested in writing program administration.

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David Schwalm
Katherine K Gottschalk

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