Catalogue of the Hebrew and Samaritan Manuscripts in the British Museum, Volume 3, Part 1, Issues 8-9

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Page 425 - Israel, is the first instance that occurs. In this song, the passage of the children of Israel through the Red Sea, the overthrow of Pharaoh's host, and the wonderful dealing of the Lord with his chosen people, are commemorated in language highly figurative and sublime. The Lord is my strength and song, and...
Page 577 - Germany at the end of the Middle Ages. We leave out of our consideration those territories which at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century...
Page 579 - Mrs., or rather Miss Manley, for she was never married, is best known as the authoress of the ' New Atalantis,' a scandalous work, which she published at the end of the seventeenth or the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Page 561 - Cistercian monasteries erected towards the close of the twelfth, or the beginning of the thirteenth, century.
Page 379 - Israel (1604 — 57), probably copied immediately after composition. The pseudonym Jacob Aben Amram would have been chosen from prudential motives, and the conjectural form in which the author's real name appears might not have been considered sufficient to neutralise the pseudonymous character of the work. Manasseh b.
Page 427 - ... scientific method. indicating a ruin of an ancient city ; and if I had had any workmen at hand I would have then and there placed two or three gangs to try the spot. I was then standing near a small pyramid situated at the westerly limit of the mound, which I was told contained a golden model of the ark in which Noah and his family were saved from the Deluge, and that the second father of mankind had it buried there as a memorial of the event...
Page 379 - Porta Veritatis," a controversial work in Latin directed against the tenets of the Christian religion, and laying special stress on the merits of Judaism. The author was probably Manasseh b. Israel. On the title-page of vol.
Page 425 - Upper part, Sarah in the tent, with Abraham pointing towards the same by way of informing the angel ; (2) on the right of lower half, the angel announcing that Sarah would bear a son ; (3) on the left of lower half, two of the angels on the way to Sodom for the purpose of destroying it. g. Fol. 1 19" : the two angels throwing down fire and brimstone upon Sodom.
Page 379 - Judaeo (forte Manasseh ben Israelis). Anno ab orbe condito 5394." The wide learning (including references to both ecclesiastical and classical authors) shown in the treatise, as also the manner of addressing highly-placed persons (see below), would seem to favour the idea that this is an early work of Manasseh b.
Page 400 - MCLXIII.) contain ten letters (partly in Hebrew, partly in Yiddish, and partly in a mixture of both), followed by a document in Spanish (but written in the Hebrew character).

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