Rudiments of modern geography

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Oliver and Boyd, 1871 - Geography - 204 pages

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Page 8 - SESSIONAL SCHOOL BOOKS. Etymological Guide. 2s. 6d. This is a collection, alphabetically arranged, of the principal roots, affixes, and prefixes, with their derivatives and compounds. Old Testament Biography, containing notices of the chief persons in Holy Scripture, in the form of Questions, with references to Scripture for the Answers. 6d. New Testament Biography, on the same Plan. 6d.
Page 24 - KEY, 2s. 2. FERGUSON'S INTRODUCTORY LATIN DELECTUS : Intended to follow the Latin Rudiments ; with a Vocabulary containing an Explanation of every Word and of every Difficult Expression. 2s. 3. FERGUSON'S OVID'S METAMORPHOSES. With Explanatory Notes and an Index, containing Mythological, Geographical, and Historical Illustrations.
Page 8 - HOUSEHOLD ECONOMY : a MANUAL intended for Female Training Colleges, and the Senior Classes of Girls' Schools. By MARGARET MARIA GORDON (Miss Brewster), Author of " Work, or Plenty to do and how to do it,
Page 19 - The First Part comprehends Words in Common Use, Terms connected with Science and the Fine Arts, Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Names, with the Pronunciation according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians. The Second Part is an ample Dictionary of English words, with the Pronunciation according to the best Authorities. The whole is preceded by a Practical and Comprehensive System of French Pronunciation. 7s. 6d., strongly bound.
Page 18 - In this work, Phrases and Idiomatic Expressions which are used most frequently in the intercourse of every-day life have been carefully collected. Care has been taken to avoid what is trivial and obsolete, and to introduce all the modern terms relative to railways, steamboats, and travelling in general.
Page 18 - THE FRENCH NEW TESTAMENT. The most approved PROTESTANT VERSION, and the one in general use in the FRENCH REFORMED CHURCHES. Pocket Edition, roan, gilt edges, Is. 6d. CHAMBAUD'S FABLES CHOISIES. With a Vocabulary containing the meaning of all the Words. By SCOT and WELLS.
Page 141 - Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins, Cancer the Crab, Leo the Lion, Virgo the Virgin, Libra the Balance, Scorpio the Scorpion, Sagittarius the Archer, Capricornus the Goat, Aquarius the Waterbearer, and Pisces the Fishes...
Page 13 - Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This work contains numerous synoptical and other tables, to guide the researches of the student, with sketches of literature, antiquities, and manners during each of the great chronological epochs.
Page 17 - SCHOOL REGISTER. PUPIL'S DAILY REGISTER OF MARKS. Improved Edition. Containing Spaces for 48 Weeks ; to which are added Spaces for a Summary and Order of Merit for each Month, for each Quarter, and for the Year.

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