View of the Valley of the Mississippi, Or, The Emigrant's and Traveller's Guide to the West: Containing a General Description of that Entire Country : and Also Notices of the Soil, Productions, Rivers, and Other Channels of Intercourse and Trade : and Likewise of the Cities and Towns, Progress of Education, &c. of Each State and Territory

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H.S. Tanner, 1834 - Mississippi River Valley - 372 pages

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Page 292 - The legislative power is vested in a Senate and House of Representatives, which, together, are styled The General Court of New Hampshire.
Page 172 - It shall be the duty of the general assembly, as soon as circumstances will permit, to provide, by law, for a general system of education, ascending in a regular gradation from township schools to a state university, wherein tuition shall be gratis, and equally open to all.
Page 162 - The judges are all appointed for the term of seven years. The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the governor, with the consent of the Senate ; the presidents of the Circuit Courts, by the legislature ; and the associate judges are elected by the people.
Page 236 - This amendment, while retaining an existing clause vesting the exclusive legislative power in a general assembly consisting of a senate and a house of representatives...
Page 62 - About twenty barges, averaging 100 tons each, comprised the whole of the commercial facilities for transporting merchandise from New Orleans to the ' Upper country ;* each of these performed one trip down and up again to Louisville and Cincinnati within the year. The number of...
Page 292 - The judicial power is vested in one Supreme Court, in Circuit Courts, and such inferior courts as the General Assembly may, from time to time, direct and establish. The judges...
Page 61 - Previous to that period, the ordinary passage of barges, propelled by oars and sails, was three months ! A revolution in western commerce was at once effected. Every article of merchandise began to ascend the Mississippi, until we have seen a package delivered at the wharf of Cincinnati, from Philadelphia, via New Orleans, at one cent per pound ! From the period of Captain Shreve's celebrated voyage till 1827, the time necessary for the trip has been gradually diminishing.
Page 322 - Ohio, it was promised that the sixteenth section should be granted to the inhabitants of each township for the use of schools.
Page 201 - Union, bounded on the north by Kentucky and Virginia, east by North Carolina, south by Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and west by Arkansas and Missouri ; area, 42,022 square miles.
Page 192 - ... Robertson, Joseph R. Underwood, Richard A. Buckner, James W. Denny, Chief Justice, Second Judge, Third do. Attorney General, Circuit Courts. Salary. $1,500 1,500 . 1,500 400 The state is divided into 16 judicial districts for the holding of the Circuit Courts. A Judge is appointed for each circuit, has jurisdiction of law cases over $50 and of chancery cases over 5, holds three terms a year in each county, and receives a salary of $1,000. The judges in the several circuits, are as follows :...

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