Mechanical Engineers' Handbook

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McGraw-Hill book Company, Incorporated, 1916 - Mechanical engineering - 1836 pages

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Page 302 - It is impossible by means of inanimate material agency to derive mechanical effect from any portion of matter by cooling it below the temperature of the coldest of the surrounding objects.
Page 859 - BWG, a test specimen not less than 4 in. in length shall have a flange turned over at right angles to the body of the tube without cracking or showing any flaw.
Page 851 - The distance between center lines of any two adjacent rows of rivets, or the "back pitch" measured at right angles to direction of joint, shall be at least twice diameter of the rivets and shall meet the following requirements: (a) Where a single rivet in the inner row comes midway between two rivets in the outer row, the sum of the two diagonal sections of the plate between the inner rivet and the two outer rivets...
Page 347 - In this regard, the acceleration is directly proportional to the square of the velocity and inversely proportional to the radius of the turn. By common usage, where the axis of rotation is external to the body, as in an aircraft turn or a centrifuge, the acceleration is frequently termed "radial" acceleration, while the term "angular" is better retained for situations where the axis of rotation passes through the body.
Page 285 - Vise of the heat required to raise the temperature of 1 Ib of water from 32 F to 212 F at a constant atmospheric pressure.
Page 869 - Petroleum is practically the only liquid fuel sufficiently abundant and cheap to be used for the generation of steam. It possesses many advantages over coal and is extensively used in many localities. There are three kinds of petroleum in use, namely those yielding on distillation: 1st, paraffin; 2nd, asphalt; 3rd, olefine.
Page 556 - Portland cement and three parts fine aggregate by weight when made into briquettes shall show a tensile strength at least equal to the strength of 1 :3 mortar of the same consistency made with the same cement and standard Ottawa sand.* 4.
Page 809 - The raised face prevents the touching of the outside edges of the flanges, and the entire pressure exerted by the bolts is transmitted to the gasket, which gives a maximum efficiency and resistance against leakage. "Raised Face Ground Joints. This style of face is identical with that employed when gaskets are used, excepting that the raised face is ground to an absolute metallic joint. This eliminates the use of gaskets.
Page 497 - J in. beneath the surface of the test ingot. A copy of this analysis shall be given to the purchaser or his representative.
Page 205 - The centrifugal force of a solid body revolving about an axis is the same as if the whole mass of the body were concentrated at its center of gravity.

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