Blackie's comprehensive school series, Issue 6

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Page 151 - With wild hoof scouring the desolate plain ; And the fleet-footed ostrich over the waste Speeds like a horseman who travels in haste, Hieing away to the home of her rest, Where she and her mate have scooped their nest, Far hid from the pitiless plunderer's view In the pathless depths of the parched karroo.
Page 94 - I did not like at first; but fruits are so scarce, except at particular seasons, that one soon learns to appreciate anything of a fruity nature. Many persons in Europe are under the impression that fruits of delicious flavour abound in the tropical forests, and they will no doubt be surprised to learn that the truly wild fruits of this grand and luxuriant archipelago, the vegetation of which will vie with that of any part of the world, are in almost every island inferior in abundance and quality...
Page 138 - Slaves, ivory, beeswax, and indiarubber are now the only articles exported from either coast, with the exception of a small and local trade from the eastern littoral in gum-copal and grain. Of these, ivory and slaves occupy such a prominent position that it would be hardly worth while to mention the others were it not that the existing trade in them proves that commerce in other articles besides slaves and ivory may be made profitable. The trade routes at present are — Firstly, from the East Coast...
Page 95 - I have never seen in the tropics such brilliant masses of colour as even England can show in her furze-clad commons, her heathery mountain-sides, her glades of wild hyacinths, her fields of poppies, her meadows of buttercups and orchises — carpets of yellow, purple, azureblue, and fiery crimson, which the tropics can rarely exhibit.
Page 144 - ... ground in vivid contrast, and running streams flashing in the sunlight ; whilst in the far distance were mountains of endless and pleasing variety of form, gradually fading away until they blended with the blue of the sky.
Page 183 - Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana...
Page 91 - ... great variety of palms, and as to another by calabashes and gourds. Almost all tropical countries produce bamboos, and wherever they are found in abundance, the natives apply them to a variety of uses. Their strength, lightness, smoothness, straightness, roundness, and hollow'ness, the facility and regularity with which they can be split, their many different sizes, the varying length of their joints, the ease with which they can be cut and with which holes can be made through them, their hardness...

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