Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr (late Vice President of the United States,) for Treason, and for a Misdemeanor: In Preparing the Means of a Military Expedition Against Mexico, a Territory of the King of Spain, with Whom the United States Were at Peace ; in the Circuit Court of the United States, Held at the City of Richmond, in the District of Virginia, in the Summer Term of the Year 1807, Volume 1

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Hopkins and Earle, Fry and Kammerer, printers, 1808 - Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807


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Page 580 - It is not the intention of the court to say that no individual can be guilty of this crime who has not appeared in arms against his country. On the contrary, if war be actually levied, that is, if a body of men be actually assembled for the purpose of effecting by force a treasonable purpose, all those who perform any part, however minute, or however remote from the scene of action, and who are actually leagued in the general conspiracy, are to be considered as traitors.
Page 22 - The people of the country to which we are going are prepared to receive us; their agents, now with Burr, say that if we will protect their religion, and will not subject them to a foreign Power, that in three weeks all will be settled.
Page 346 - That in cases punishable with death, the trial shall be had in the county where the offence was committed, or where that cannot be done without great inconvenience, twelve petit jurors at least shall be summoned from thence.
Page 410 - The opinion which has been avowed by the court, is, that light impressions which may fairly be supposed to yield to the testimony that may be offered ; which may leave the mind open to a fair consideration of that testimony, constitute no sufficient objection to a juror ; but that those strong and deep impressions, which will close the mind against the testimony that may be offered in opposition to them ; which will combat that testimony and resist its force, do constitute a sufficient objection...
Page 233 - I may either move for a rule to show cause why an attachment should not issue against Judge Toulmin, John G.
Page 544 - And if any person or persons shall, by force, set at liberty, or rescue the fugitive from such agent while transporting, as aforesaid, the person or persons so offending shall, on conviction, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars, and be imprisoned not exceeding one year.
Page 240 - It is certainly not only a possible, but a probable case, that a witness by disclosing a single fact may complete the testimony against himself...

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