Concise system of arithmetic, re-arranged and enlarged by A. Trotter

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Page 238 - A carefully compiled history for the use of schools. The writer has consulted the more recent authorities : his opinions are liberal, and on the whole just and impartial : the succession of events is developed with clearness, and with more of that picturesque effect which so delights the young than is common in historical abstracts.
Page 245 - Critical Remarks, in which the various Methods of Pronouncing employed by different Authors are investigated and compared with each other.
Page 229 - ... also progressively arranged, — the lessons which are more easily read and understood always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those of greater difficulty. The subject-matter of the Books is purposely miscellaneous. Yet it is always of a character to excite the interest and enlarge the knowledge of the reader. And with the design of more effectually promoting his mental growth and nurture, the various topics are introduced in an order conformable to that in which the chief faculties...
Page 234 - SESSIONAL SCHOOL BOOKS. Etymological Guide. 2s. 6d. This is a collection, alphabetically arranged, of the principal roots, affixes, and prefixes, with their derivatives and compounds. Old Testament Biography, containing notices of the chief persons in Holy Scripture, in the form of Questions, with references to Scripture for the Answers. 6d. New Testament Biography, on the same Plan. 6d.
Page 250 - SAFFI, Professor of the Italian Language at Oxford. — " I have adopted your Grammar for the elementary instruction of students of Italian in the Taylor Institution, and find it admirably adapted to the purpose, as well for the order and clearness of the rules, as for the practical excellence and ability of the exercises with which you have enriched it.
Page 246 - High School." The French New Testament. The most approved PROTESTANT VERSION, and the one in general use in the FRENCH REFORMED CHURCHES. Pocket Edition, roan, gilt edges, Is. 6d. Chambaud's Fables Choisies. With a Vocabulary containing the meaning of all the Words. By SCOT and WELLS. 2s.
Page 235 - An Abstract of General Geography, comprehending a more minute Description of the British Empire, and of Palestine or the Holy Land, etc. With numerous Exercises. For Junior Classes. By JOHN WHITE, FEIS, late Teacher, Edinburgh. Carefully Revised.
Page 246 - The whole work has been composed with a view to conversation, a great number of the Exercises being in the form of questions and answers.
Page 236 - The information is copious, correct, well put, and adapted to the present state of knowledge." DR DOUGLAS'S TEXT-BOOK OF GEOGRAPHY, containing the PHYSICAL and POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY of all the Countries of the Globe. Systematically arranged. 2s. 6d. ; or with ten coloured Maps, 3s. Carefully revised.
Page 236 - This little work is a manual of Scripture Geography for young persons. It is designed to communicate such a knowledge of the places mentioned in holy writ as will enable children more clearly to understand the sacred narrative. It contains references to the passages of Scripture in which the most remarkable places are mentioned, notes chiefly historical and descriptive, and a Map of the Holy Land in provinces and tribes. Murphy's Bible Atlas of 24 MAPS, with Historical Descriptions. Is. 6d. coloured....

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