A Collection of Old Ballads: Corrected from the Best and Most Ancient Copies Extant. With Introductions Historical, Critical Or Humorous. Illustrated with Copper Plates ...

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Ambrose Philips
J. Roberts; and sold, 1723 - Ballads, English

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Page 222 - But if the children chance to die, Ere they to age should come, Their uncle should possess their wealth; For so the will did run. "Now, brother...
Page 12 - The like was never scene. Most curiously that bower was built Of stone and timber strong, An hundered and fifty doors Did to this bower belong : And they so cunninglye contriv'd With turnings round about, That none but with a clue of thread, Could enter in or out.
Page 114 - By whom this is denied." Then stept a gallant squire forth, Witherington was his name, Who said : " I would not have it told To Henry our king for shame, "That e'er my captain fought on foot And I stood looking on. You...
Page 82 - squires, or lords of renown, Without e'er a foot of free land ; We feast on good cheer, with wine, ale, and beer, And ev'ry thing at our command." Then music and dancing did finish the day ; At length when the sun waxed low, Then all the whole train the grove did refrain, And unto their caves they did go. And so ever after, as long as he liv'd, Altho' he was proper and tall, Yet, nevertheless, the truth to express, Still Little John they did him call.
Page 73 - I'm the king of the fiddlers, and I swear 'tis truth, And I call him that doubts it a gull : For I saw them fighting, and fiddled the while; And Clorinda sung, ' Hey derry down! The bumkins are beaten, put up thy sword, Bob, And now let's dance into the town.
Page 115 - In faith I will thee bring Where thou shalt high advanced be, By James, our Scottish king. " Thy ransom I will freely give, And this report of thee, Thou art the most courageous knight, That ever I did see.
Page 113 - And take your bows with speed: " And now with me, my countrymen, Your courage forth advance; For never was there champion yet, In Scotland or in France, " That ever did on horseback come, But if my hap it were, I durst encounter man for man, With him to break a spear.
Page 256 - Two lovely children at one birth she had ; A son and daughter God had sent, Which did their father well content, And which did make their mothers heart full glad.
Page 74 - Of bride-cake, and so came away. Now, out, alas ! I had forgotten to tell ye, That marry'd they were with a ring : And so will Nan Knight, or be buried a maiden, And now let us pray for the king...
Page 111 - To drive the deer with hound and horn Earl Percy took his way ; The child may rue that is unborn The hunting of that day.

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