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" To summarize: organizations are technical^', instruments, designed as means to definite goals. They are judged on engineering premises; they are expendable. Institutions, whether conceived as groups or practices, may be partly engineered, but .they have... "
Extending Educational Change: International Handbook of Educational Change - Side 314
redigert av - 2007 - 396 sider
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Political Parties: Old Concepts and New Challenges

Richard Gunther, José Ramón Montero, Juan Linz - 2002 - 384 sider
...an organization, from being a means to an end, becomes an end in itself. For Selznick (1957: 21-2), 'Organizations are technical instruments, designed...they also have a 'natural' dimension . . . They are less readily expendable.' Organizations are created for specific purposes and have value to the extent...
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