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Page 8 - OBJECT-LESSON CARDS. ON THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM. Set of 20 in a Box. 1, Is. ON THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. Set of 14 in a Box, 1, Is. ON THE MINERAL KINGDOM. Set of 14 in a Box. 1, Is.
Page 13 - Watts' Catechism of Scripture History, and of the Condition of the Jews from the Close of the Old Testament to the Time of Christ. With INTRODUCTION by WK TWEEDIE, DD 2s.
Page 12 - The various changes that have taken place in our constitution are briefly but clearly described. It is surprising how successfully the editor has not merely avoided the obscurity which generally accompanies brevity, but invested his narrative with an interest too often wanting in larger historical works. The information conveyed is thoroughly sound; and the utility of the book is much increased by the addition of examination questions at the end of each chapter.
Page 22 - Caesar; with illustrative Notes, a Historical and Geographical Index, and a Map of Ancient Gaul. 4s. Dymock's Sallust; with Explanatory Footnotes and a Historical and Geographical Index.
Page 21 - Latinis. 3s. Greek Syntax; with a Rationale of the Constructions, by JAS. CLYDE, LL.D., one of the Classical Masters of the Edinburgh Academy. With Prefatory Notice by JOHN S. BLACKIE, Professor of Greek in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 12 - A carefully compiled history for the use of schools. The writer has consulted the more recent authorities: his opinions are liberal, and on the whole just and impartial : the succession of events is developed with clearness, and with more of that picturesque effect which so delights the young than is common in historical abstracts.
Page 10 - This little work is a manual of Scripture Geography for young persons. It is designed to communicate such a knowledge of the places mentioned in holy writ as will enable children more clearly to understand the sacred narrative. It contains references to the passages of Scripture in which the most remarkable places are mentioned, notes chiefly historical and descriptive, and a Map of the Holy Land in provinces and tribes. Murphy's Bible Atlas of 24 MAPS, with Historical Descriptions. Is. 6d. coloured....
Page 13 - Simpson's Goldsmith's History of England ; with the Narrative brought down to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. To which is added an Outline of the British Constitution. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. (id. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Greece. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s. 6d. Simpson's Goldsmith's History of Borne. With Question!
Page 24 - LL.D., lately Professor of Humanity in King's College and University of Aberdeen, and formerly one of the Masters of the Edinburgh Academy. 1. Ferguson's Grammatical Exercises. With Notes, and a Vocabulary explaining every Word in the Text.

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