The Philadelphia Medical Museum, Volume 4

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John Redman Coxe
John Redman Coxe, 1808 - Medicine
Includes a section called Medical and philosophical register.


Maffachuſetts medical fociety
Report of the Royal College of Phyſicians of London on vaccination including the reports of the Colleges of Phyficians of Edinburgh and Dublin an...
Chriftie on vaccination at Ceylon
ex i
Jones on vaccination
Ring on vaccination
Circular queries on the influenza
Curaudeau on the purification of oil
Toads incloſed under ground
Experiments on the fame ib 67 ubstitute for falt of forrel
On the period of geftation in animals
Correfpondence on Reids obfervations on the medical treatment of Ge neral Waſhington
Correſpondence on the contrariety of the Reviews of Ewells plain difcourfes 4
Bardfleys experiments with the white oxide of bifmuth
Bardfleys obſervations on the hydrophobia
74 Bonn on the anatomy c of the beaver
Pearfon on the eczema mercuriale
On the chemical reaction of medicines on each other
Vegetable juices and fruits to preſerve ib 78 Urinary calculus difcharged by abfcefs
Singular cafe of Bulimia
Homes account of congenital cataract c
Observations regarding the renovation of the diftinctions of youth
On the blood of perfons affected with jaundice
Reece on the good effect of acetate of lead in hooping cough
Prospectus of a New medical publication
Information reſpecting the Influenza
Harriſon in reply to Dr Dewees 19 Halls anomalous afes of diſeaſe 20 Artificial anus formed in a hog 43 ib 47 51 53 55 56 92 97 118 128 21 Spence...
Erratum cxii

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Page cxliii - of it, that its conclufion would be mortal, fubmitting to the feveral exertions made for his recovery rather as a duty than from any expectation of their efficacy. He confidered the operations of death upon his
Page cv - perfect, is as nearly fo as can perhaps be expected from any human difcovery; for amongft feveral hundred thoufand cafes, with the refults of which the College have been made acquainted, the number of alleged failures have been
Page cxlii - itfelf to the General, he procured a bleeder in the neighbourhood, who took from his arm, in the night, twelve or fourteen ounces of blood : he would not by any means be
Page clxvii - card, which was yellow, was placed before him, he could not tell whether it had corners or not, fo that he had not acquired any correct knowledge of them, fince he could not apply it to the next coloured furface, whofe form was exactly the fame with that, the outline of which the eye had juft been taught to trace.
Page cxliii - of another bleeding, when about thirty-two ounces of blood were drawn, without the fmalleft apparent alleviation of the difeafe. Vapours of vinegar and water were frequently inhaled, ten grains of calomel were given, fucceeded by repeated dofes of
Page clxx - days, that he could not without counting their corners one by one tell their fhape. This he did with great facility, running his eye quickly along the outline, fo that it was evident he was ftill learning, juft as a child learns to read.
Page cxlii - in the fame part, a cough, and a difficult rather than a painful deglutition, which were foon fucceeded by fever and a quick and laborious refpiration. The neceffity of blood-letting
Page clxxi - That, where the eye before the cataract is removed, has only been capable of difcerning light, without being able to diftinguifh colours, objects after its removal will feem to touch the eye, and there will be no knowledge of their
Page clxvii - ftrong light, he could make out that it was flat and broad ; and when one corner of a fquare fubftance was pointed out to him, he faw it, and could find out the other, which was at the end of the fame fide, but could not do this under

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