A Treatise on Mensuration for the Use of Schools

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Commissioners of national education, 1837 - Measurement - 262 pages

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Page 174 - ... find how much each loses in water by subtracting its weight in water from its weight in air ; and subtract the less of these remainders from the greater; then...
Page 185 - ... the breadth, the remainder shall be esteemed the just length of the keel to find the tonnage ; and the breadth shall be taken from the outside of the outside plank in the broadest place in the ship, be it either above or below the main wales...
Page 162 - PAINTERS' WORK. PAINTERS' work is computed in square yards. Every part is measured where the colour lies ; and the measuring line is forced into all the mouldings and corners. Windows are done at so much a piece. And it is usual to allow double measure for carved mouldings, &c.
Page 50 - BAC is cut off from the given circle ABC containing an angle equal to the given angle D : Which was to be done. PROP. XXXV. THEOR. If two straight lines within a circle cut one another, the rectangle contained by the segments of one of them is equal to the rectangle contained by the segments of the other.
Page 3 - The circumference of every circle is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; and each degree into 60 equal parts, called minutes ; and each minute into 60 equal parts, called seconds ; and these into thirds, etc.
Page 85 - To find the solidity of a prism. RULE. — Multiply the area of the base by the height, and the product is the solidity.
Page 49 - Find also the area of the triangle, formed by the chord of the segment and the two radii of the sector. Then...
Page 133 - By the Sliding Rule. Set 12 on B to the breadth in inches on A ; then against the length in feet on B, is the content on A> in feet and fractional parts.
Page 225 - Add into one sum 39 times the square of the bung diameter, 25 times the square of the head diameter, and 26 times the product of the two diameters : then multiply the sum by the length, and the product again by — —for wine gallons, or by- — — — or .00003TV, for ale '
Page 248 - ... it. For in these cases, any small errors will be so multiplied, as to render it very much distorted. 1. Walk over the estate two or three times, in order to get a perfect idea of it, and till you can carry the map of it tolerably well in your head.

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