The life of ... Thomas Fanshaw Middleton ... bishop of Calcutta, Volume 1

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Page 163 - Sion, and go round about her; and tell the towers thereof. 12 Mark well her bulwarks, set up her houses, that ye may tell them that come after. 13 For this God is our God for ever and ever : He shall be our guide unto death.
Page 43 - Committee that it is . the duly of this country to promote the interest and happiness of the native inhabitants of the British dominions in India, and that such measures ought to be adopted as may tend to the introduction among them of useful knowledge and of religious and moral improvement/.
Page 216 - Firm wast thou, humble and wise, Honest, pure, free from disguise ; Father of orphans, the widow's support, Comfort in sorrow of every sort, To the benighted dispenser of light, Doing and pointing to that which is right. Blessing to princes, to people, to me : May I, my father, be worthy of thee. Wishes and prayeth thy Sarabojee.
Page 326 - But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling-block to them that are weak.
Page 5 - Greek of the New Testament ; containing many new proofs of the Divinity of Christ, from passages which are wrongly translated in the common English Version.
Page 479 - Majesty should think necessary for administering holy ceremonies, and for the superintendence and good government of the ministers of the Church establishment within the East Indies and parts aforesaid.
Page 243 - ... pillars and two pilasters forming three openings, under a thick and steep rock overhung by brushwood and wild shrubs. The long ranges of columns that appear closing in perspective on every side, the flat roof of solid rock that seems to be prevented from falling only by the massy pillars, whose capitals are pressed down and flattened as if by the superincumbent weight, the darkness that obscures the interior of the temple, which is dimly lighted only by the entrances, and the gloomy appearance...
Page 60 - Keep your temper. Employ leisure in study, and always have some work in hand. Be punctual and methodical in business, and never procrastinate.
Page 34 - that it is the peculiar and bounden duty of the legislature to promote, by all just and prudent means, the interest and happiness of the inhabitants of the British dominions in India ; and that for these ends such measures ought to be adopted as may gradually tend to their advancement in useful knowledge, and to their religious and moral improvement.
Page 34 - ... be provided for all persons of the Protestant communion, in the service, or under the protection, of the East India Company in Asia, proper ministers being, from time to time, sent out from Great Britain for those purposes.

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