A Path Thru the Weeds: A Commentary on Misunderstood Issues of the Bible

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2004 - Religion - 344 pages

DEAR HANNAH is an extraordinary love story written as a letter from a single father to his infant daughter. After praying for nearly twenty-four years for an opportunity to have a family, a single, middle aged man sets out on a journey to realize his hope and dreams of becoming a father.

Creating Families, Inc., a Colorado based agency specializing in surrogacy, finds a surrogate mother on the east coast and a year long effort to conceive a child is made. Disappointment and a lapse of faith nearly result in a drastic decision to abandon the dream of parenthood when a second surrogate steps forward. Within three months there is a pregnancy and the author's learning curve takes a dramatic upswing. The reader cannot help but wonder, whose birth is it, anyway?

The letter chronicles the life of the author, his parents, the family heritage as well as the first eighteen months of his daughter's life in a heartwarming and humorous style. This story encompasses not only the circle of life but the celebration of life.

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