A Compendium and Digest of the Laws of Massachusetts, Volume 2, Part 1

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Munroe, Francis, and Parker, 1810 - Law
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Page 476 - Representatives shall, by ballot, elect two out of four persons who had the highest number of votes, if so many shall have been voted for; but, if otherwise, out of the number voted for; and make return to the Senate of the two persons so elected; on which, the Senate shall proceed, by ballot, to elect one, who shall be declared Governor.
Page 477 - May annually, determine and declare who are elected by each district, to be senators, by a majority of votes : and in case there shall not appear to be the full number of senators returned elected by a majority of votes for any district, the deficiency shall be supplied in the following manner, viz.: The members of the house of representatives, and such senators as shall be declared elected, shall take the names of such persons as...
Page 478 - May annually, by the two houses of the legislature, may not be completed on that day, the said elections may be adjourned from day to day until the same shall be completed. And the order of elections shall be as follows: the vacancies in the senate, if any, shall first be filled up; the governor and lieutenant-governor shall...
Page 477 - Governor, with five of the Council, for the time being, shall, as soon as may be, examine the returned copies of such records; and fourteen days before the said day he shall issue his summons to such persons as shall appear to be chosen by...
Page 463 - Express f199' malice is when one, with a sedate deliberate mind and formed design, doth kill another, which formed design is evidenced by external circumstances discovering that inward intention ; as lying in wait, antecedent menaces, former grudges, and concerted schemes to do him some bodily harm.7 This takes in the case of deliberate dueling, where both parties meet avowedly with an intent to murder...
Page 405 - The legal acceptation of debt is, a sum of money due by certain and express agreement : as, by a bond for a determinate sum ; a bill or note ; a special bargain ; or a rent reserved on a lease ; where the quantity is fixed and specific, and does not depend upon any subsequent valuation to settle it.
Page 463 - This takes in the case of deliberate duelling, where both parties meet avowedly with an intent to murder : thinking it their duty as gentlemen, and claiming it as their right, to wanton with their own lives and those of their fellow-creatures; without any warrant or authority from any power either divine or human, but in direct contradiction to the laws both of God and man : and therefore the law has justly fixed the crime and punishment of murder on them and on their seconds also.
Page 556 - The utmost length that has been hitherto allowed for the contingency of an executory devise of either kind to happen in, is that of a life or lives in being, and oneand-twenty years afterwards.
Page 413 - States, an exposition was given of the constitutional provision, that "full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state; and that Congress may, by general laws, prescribe the manner in which such acts, records and proceedings, shall be proved, and the effect thereof...
Page 467 - ... of the value of three hundred pounds at least, or possessed of personal estate to the value of six hundred pounds at least, or of both to the amount of the same sum...

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