History of the Middle Ages

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Schwartz, Kirwin & Fauss, 1887 - Middle Ages - 501 pages

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Page 425 - Trier, the king of Bohemia, the duke of Saxony, the margrave of Brandenburg, and the count palatine of the Rhine.
Page 125 - Pro Deo amur et pro Christian poblo et nostro commun ź salvament, d'ist di in avant, in quant Deus savir et podir ź me dunat, si salvarai eo cist meon fradre Karlo et in...
Page 213 - I have loved justice, and hated iniquity; and therefore I die in exile.
Page 259 - Barbarossa, emperor of Germany, Philip Augustus, king of France, and Richard Cceur de Lion, of England, offered to lead their armies in person against the Saracens.
Page 285 - ... example in the prophet." He pressed his friends to consult their safety by a timely flight : they unanimously refused to desert or survive their beloved master : and their courage was fortified by a fervent prayer and the assurance of paradise. On the morning of the fatal day, he mounted on horseback, with his sword in one hand and the Koran in the other...
Page 412 - Galloping up to the archers, he exclaimed : " What are you doing, my lieges? Tyler was a traitor. Come with me, and I will be your leader.
Page 314 - Is there not one that will rid me of this turbulent priest ? " There were those present who heard the king's words, and laid those words to heart.
Page 314 - Your life," they cried with one voice. " And gladly do I give it," was his answer. " I commend my soul to God and our Lady ; only in His name I charge you that you lay not your hands on any of my followers." Then one of the knights raised his sword and struck him on the head. He wiped away the blood as it streamed down his face, and said, " Lord, into Thy hands I commend my spirit...
Page 96 - ... the knowledge of grammar. When I lived in Damascus, some wit (the first thing of the kind known) uttered a pun or squib, reflecting on the corpulency of the pasha, and he was banished for it ! The old observation of the caliph, as he fired the Alexandrine library, holds true in the East still — " If the books agree with the Koran, they are useless; if they oppose it, they are noxious; and in both cases they are unnecessary.

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