The Grammar School Word-book and Etymology: A Graded Selection of Miscellaneous Words, and a Full Exposition of Suffixes, Prefixes, and the Most Important Latin and Greek Roots

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D. Slote & Company, 1880 - Spellers - 72 pages

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Page 17 - A formative (qv), consisting of a letter, syllable or syllables, added to the end of a word to modify its meaning or to form a new derivative.
Page 28 - In composition the last letter is usually changed into the first letter of the word to which it is prefixed.
Page 23 - A Prefix is a letter, syllable, or word placed before and joined to some other word to vary or modify its signification.
Page 65 - Ana, prep., meaning upwards, through, backwards; it also implies repetition, distribution, proportion ; analogy (33), a reasoning upward or backward, so as to show identity of cause, and deduce a probable similarity of effect...
Page 29 - Sub means under, below, or after ; before c, f, g, p, r, and m, the b is changed into those letters.
Page 3 - In its execution, it has been the aim of the author to make his book...
Page 50 - ... a line or furrow turned up with a style or pen on the •waxed tablet which the ancients used for writing ; versification.
Page 66 - Dia, prep., through, thoroughly, also denoting division ; diameter (35), that which is a measure through ; diaeresis, a mark to show that two vowels are to be pronounced separately ; diarrhoea (50).

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