The Indiana Journal of Medicine, Volume 2

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Thad M. Stevens
C.P. Wilder, 1871 - Medicine

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Page 4 - If, in the third place, we look into the profession of physic, we shall find a most formidable body of men. The sight of them is enough to make a man serious, for we may lay it down as a maxim, that when a nation abounds in physicians, it grows thin of people.
Page 518 - Papers appropriate to the several sections, in order to secure consideration and action, must be sent to the Secretary of the appropriate section at least one month before the meeting which is to act upon them. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to whom such papers are sent, to examine them with care, and, with the advice of the Chairman of his Section, to determine the time and order of their presentation, and give due notice of the same...
Page 4 - There are, besides the above-mentioned, innumerable retainers to physic, who, for want of other patients, amuse themselves with the stifling of cats in an air-pump, cutting up dogs alive, or impaling of insects upon the point of a needle for microscopical observations...
Page 4 - This body of men, in our own country, may be described like the British army in Caesar's time : some of them slay in chariots, and some on foot. If the infantry do less execution than the charioteers, it is because they cannot be carried so soon into all quarters of the town, and dispatch so much business in so short a time. Besides this body of regular troops, there are stragglers, who, without being duly listed and enrolled, do infinite mischief to those who are so unlucky as to fall into their...
Page 470 - The incision of the cornea is to be made with the smallest possible Graefe's knife, in the following manner : "Puncture and contrapuncture are made in the sclerotic about one millimetre beyond the cornea, the whole remaining incision passing with a very slight curve through the cornea, so that the center of it is about one millimetre and a half distant from the margin of the cornea.
Page 228 - The insolubility of this vermifuge impairs its utility. Cold or warm water takes up the merest trace. Chloroform, absolute alcohol, the strongest acetic acid, turpentine, hot olive oil, and hot glycerine, are the only simple fluids that dissolve any appreciable quantity. On cooling, it separates from the oil and glycerine; and the addition of water to the other solvents produces the same result. It is obvious, therefore, that none of these solvents are adapted for the use of Santonine as a medicinal...
Page 150 - To those which are inserted in other tissues, not as essential to their structure, but as accessories, as connecting or incorporating them with the other structures of vegetative or animal life ; such as nerve-fibres and bloodvessels.
Page 133 - Ib. chloride of lime (the sanitary disinfectant), and 4 oz. of water into a small wide-mouthed bottle, and when required for use pour some of the thick sediment into a saucer, and rub it well over the hands with pumice-stone or a nail brush, and it will clean the fingers quite equal to cyanide, but without any danger.
Page 517 - On Cultivation of the Cinchona Tree. — Dr. Lemuel J. Deal, Pennsylvania, Chairman. On the Anatomy and Diseases of the Retina — Dr.

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