Teaching Against the Grain: Texts for a Pedagogy of Possibility

Greenwood Publishing Group, 1992 - 172 sider
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Conceiving of pedagogy as a form of cultural politics and teachers, therefore, as cultural workers, Simon offers a fresh vision of the notion of pedagogy. Grounded in an ethical and political stance devoted to the advancement of human dignity, Simon reflexively considers the basis on which teachers form their own dispositions and feelings, and urges them to consider not only what they might do as teachers but what social visions are supported by their practices. In this in-depth discussion of the requirements for a pedagogy of possibility, Simon highlights the significance of his theoretical commitment as applied to educational practice.

To illustrate the ways that pedagogy is implicated in the construction of a social imaginary, Simon explores how the substance of schooling might be recast in a way that involves the work of teaching in reconstituting a progressive moral project for education that can constitute part of a broadly based social transformation. He subsequently offers a social vision on which a pedagogy of possibility might be founded, and shows how schools, along with other sites of cultural production, may be understood as integral to the struggle to establish such a vision. In addition, he discusses in detail how a practice of pedagogy might be conceptualized that would help establish concrete forms of hopeful practice.

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On Disruptive Daydreams
The Horizon of Possibility
Teachers as Cultural Workers
Pedagogy as Political Practice
Reinventing Practice
The Fear of Theory
Beyond the Racist Text Jewish Applause for a Yiddish Shylock
What Schools Can Do Designing Programs for Work Education That Challenge the Wisdom of Experiences
Remembrance as a Source of Radical Renewal

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Side 137 - There is no document of civilization which is not at the same time a document of barbarism.
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Side 141 - ... decision structures. Is it possible that one day an emancipated human race could encounter itself within an expanded space of discursive formation of will and yet be robbed of the light in which it is capable of interpreting its life as something good? The revenge of a culture exploited over millennia for the legitimation of domination would then take this form: Right at the moment of overcoming age-old repressions, it would harbor no violence but it would have no content either.
Side 73 - ... is interpreted or reconstructed by each of us within the horizon of meanings and knowledges available in the culture at given historical moments, a horizon that also includes modes of political commitment and struggle.
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Side 109 - I can — worldliness, circumstantiality, the text's status as an event having sensuous particularity as well as historical contingency, are considered as being incorporated in the text, an infrangible part of its capacity for conveying and producing meaning.

Om forfatteren (1992)

ROGER I. SIMON is Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Simon has conducted extensive research and authored numerous publications in the areas of critical pedagogy and cultural studies--work that emphasizes both theory and concrete application. He is co-author, with Don Dippo and Arleen Schenke, of Learning Work: A Critical Pedagogy of Work Education (Bergin & Garvey, 1991).

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