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Contains a list of the officers of the city government and its various departments, message of the Mayor, annual reports of the several departments, ordinances, etc.

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Page 393 - If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgress the rules of the House, the Speaker shall, or any member may call him to order, in which case the member so called to order shall immediately sit down, unless permitted to explain, and the House shall, if appealed to, decide the case, but without debate.
Page 394 - When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received but : To adjourn; To lay on the table ; For the previous question ; To postpone to a day certain; To commit, refer or recommit; To postpone indefinitely.
Page 391 - House shall, if appealed to, decide on the case, but without debate ; if there be no appeal, the decision of the Chair shall be submitted to. If the decision be in favor of the member called to order, he shall be at liberty to proceed ; if otherwise, he shall not be permitted to proceed, in case any member object, without leave of the House ; and if the case require it, he shall be liable to the censure of the House.
Page 392 - President ; and no member shall be permitted to vote after the decision is announced from the chair.
Page 392 - ... to postpone to a day certain, to commit, or to amend; which several motions shall have precedence in the order they stand arranged, and the motion for adjournment shall always be in order, and be decided without debate.
Page 393 - When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to the Council, he shall rise in his place and respectfully address the presiding officer ; shall confine himself to the question under debate, and avoid personality ; and shall sit down as soon as he has done speaking.
Page 391 - The president may speak to points of order in preference to other members, and shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the board by any two members.
Page 392 - When a motion has been once made, and carried in the affirmative or negative, it shall be in order for any member of the majority to move for the reconsideration thereof, on the same or the succeeding day ; and such motion shall take precedence of all other questions, except a motion to adjourn.
Page 65 - ... jurisdiction, and on conviction thereof shall be punished for such offense by a fine of not less than twenty nor more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding thirty days, or both, at the discretion of the court before which such conviction shall be had.
Page 401 - Every person violating any of the provisions of this act shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than ten dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars for each offense, to which may be added imprisonment in the county jail not more than thirty days.

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