Home Life in Turkey

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Macmillan, 1909 - Turkey - 296 pages

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Page 244 - Would that I had sent something forward for my life !' But on that day no one shall be tormented with a torment like his, and none shall be bound with bonds like his! O thou comforted soul! return unto thy Lord, well pleased and well pleased with! And enter amongst my servants, [30] and enter my Paradise!
Page 108 - I bear witness that there is no God but Allah," and "I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.
Page 76 - We leave out of our consideration those territories which at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century...
Page 130 - I fly for refuge unto the LORD of the daybreak, that he may deliver me from the mischief of those things which he hath created ; and from the mischief of the night, when it cometh on; and from the mischief of women blowing on knots; and from the mischief of the envious, when he envieth.
Page 163 - Happy, for his sake, the naked and the hungry enter there. O Thou Perfectness of Potence! O Thou God of Awful Might ! O Thou Majesty of Glory! O Thou King of Perfect Right ! Since he Eden's heaven created, all is there complete and whole, So that naught is lacking; nothing he created needs repair.
Page 163 - All the Universe, one mighty sign, is shown ; God hath myriads of creative acts unknown : None hath seen them, of the races djin and men, None hath news brought from that realm far off from ken.
Page 86 - His mate was there,' answered the simurgh. Then quoth Solomon (peace on him!), ' There is no harm in one thus boasting and bragging in his own house before his wife. Though every stone of this my palace was raised by the toil of these many demons, still wonder not at his saying when beside his wife that he could shatter it with one foot.
Page 121 - ... women, and devout men and devout women, and truthful men and truthful women, and patient men and patient women, and humble men and humble women, and almsgiving men and almsgiving women, and fasting men and fasting women, and men who...
Page 169 - ... fill brim-high with Kevser's spray. O Sufi! if thy cell be dark and gloomy as thy heart, Come, then, and with the wine-cup's lamp it light with radiance gay. \ Heap up, like aloes-wood, f the name of love within thy breast'; From thine own breath to all earth's senses odors sweet convey. O Zephyr I shouldst thou pass the home of her we love so well, Full many blessings bear to her from us who her obey.
Page 131 - Kateryne lyzn. And the Prelate of the Monkes schewethe the Relykes to the Pilgrymes. And with an Instrument of Sylver, he frotethe the Bones ; and thanne ther gothe out a lytylle Oyle, as thoughe it were a maner swetynge, that is nouther lyche to Oyle ne to...

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