The Poets of Greece

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Cassell, Petter and Galpin, 1869 - Greek poetry - 226 pages

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Page 106 - Buds burning in the sudden spring like fire, The wan washed sand and the waves' vain desire, Sails seen like blown white flowers at sea, and words That bring tears swiftest, and long notes of birds Violently singing till the whole world sings — I Sappho shall be one with all these things, With all high things for ever...
Page 31 - Thou, from this tower defend the' important post; There Agamemnon points his dreadful host, That pass Tydides, Ajax, strive to gain, And there the vengeful Spartan fires his train.
Page 34 - No more — but hasten to thy tasks at home, There guide the spindle and direct the loom. Me glory summons to the martial scene ; The field of combat is the sphere for men. Where heroes war, the foremost place I claim, The first in danger, as the first in fame.
Page 33 - And Hector hasted to relieve his child, The glittering terrors from his brows unbound, And placed the beaming helmet on the ground ; Then...
Page 29 - Too daring prince ! ah, whither dost thou run ? Ah, too forgetful of thy wife and son ! ' • And think'st thou not how wretched we shall be, A widow I, a helpless orphan he ! For sure such courage length of life denies, And thou must fall thy virtue's sacrifice.
Page 30 - By the same arm my seven brave brothers fell, In one sad day beheld the gates of Hell, While the fat herds and snowy flocks they fed, Amid their fields the hapless heroes bled...
Page 29 - And end with sorrows as they first begun. No parent now remains my griefs to share, No father's aid, no mother's tender care. The fierce Achilles wrapt our walls in fire! Laid Thebe waste, and slew my warlike sire!
Page 32 - Priam's hoary hairs defil'd with gore , Not all my brothers gasping on the shore ; As thine , Andromache ! thy griefs I dread ; I see thee trembling , weeping, captive led!
Page 30 - Hector still survives, I see My father, mother, brethren, all, in thee : Alas ! my parents, brothers, kindred, all Once more will perish, if my Hector fall, Thy wife, thy infant, in thy danger share : Oh, prove a husband's and a father's care ! That quarter most the skilful Greeks annoy, Where yon wild fig-trees join the wall of Troy; Thou, from this tower defend the...
Page 31 - Priam's hoary hairs defil'd with gore, Not all my brothers gasping on the shore, As thine, Andromache! Thy griefs I dread: I see thee trembling, weeping, captive led, In Argive looms our battles to design, And woes of which so large a part was thine!

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