Empowering Teachers: What Successful Principals Do

SAGE Publications, 2001 - 201 sider
The ideas presented in this book are drawn from a study of highly successful principals of schools affiliated with the League of Professional Schools. Chapter 1, "Sharing Governance," presents an overview of the literature on professional development and a description of the study. Chapter 2, "Trusting the Experts: Teachers," focuses on trust as the foundation for shared governance and teacher empowerment. Chapter 3, "Creating Instruction-Oriented Structures That Help Teachers Do Their Best," examines the importance of structuring schools to encourage teacher collaboration and access to decision making. Chapter 4, "A Cornucopia of Supportive Resources," explores how principals use resources such as staff development to enhance teachers' instructional capabilities. Chapter 5,"Encouraging Autonomy and Innovation," reviews extending autonomy and encouraging innovation as strategies to enhance instructional capabilities. Chapter 6, "Modeling Personal Dimensions," highlights the effects of such personal characteristics of principals as optimism, caring, honesty, friendliness, and enthusiasm. Chapter 7, "About Risk and Threat," argues for reducing risk and threat to teachers. Chapter 8, "Valuing and Rewarding Good Work," explains the benefits of rewarding teachers. Chapter 9, "Helping Solve Problems," discusses the importance of adopting a problem-solving orientation. Chapter 10, "Providing Leadership That Is Facilitative and Democratic," presents a portrait of a successful shared-governance principal and considers the future of instruction-oriented, facilitative-democratic leadership in schools. (Contains approximately 300 references.) (TEJ)

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Sharing Governance
Creating InstructionOriented Structures

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Jo Blase is a professor of educational administration at the University of Georgia, and a former public school teacher, high school and middle school principal, and director of staff development. She received a Ph.D. in educational administration, curriculum, and supervision in 1983 from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and her research has focused on instructional and transformational leadership, school reform, staff development, and principal-teacher relationships. Through work with the Beginning Principal Study National Research Team, the Georgia League of Professional Schools, and public and private school educators with whom she consults throughout the United States and abroad, she has pursued her interest in preparation for and entry to educational and instructional leadership as it relates to supervisory discourse. Winner of the W. G. Walker 2000 Award for Excellence for her coauthored article published in the Journal of Educational Administration, the University of Georgia College of Education Teacher Educator Award, the University of Colorado School of Education Researcher/Teacher of the Year, and the American Association of School Administrators Outstanding Research Award, Blase has published in international handbooks and journals such as The Journal of Staff Development, The Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, Educational Administration Quarterly, and The Alberta Journal of Educational Research; her eight book editions include Empowering Teachers (1994, 2000), Democratic Principals in Action (1995), The Fire Is Back (1997), Handbook of Instructional Leadership (1998, 2004), Breaking the Silence (2003), and Teachers Bringing Out the Best in Teachers (2006). Blase has authored chapters on becoming a principal, school renewal, supervision, and organizational development; her recent research examines the problem of teacher mistreatment. She has published over 90 academic articles, chapters, and books, and she also conducts research on supervisory discourse among physicians as medical educators and consults with physicians in US hospitals and medical centers.

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