Transactions in India from the Commencement of the French War in Seventeen Hundred and Fifty-six to the Conclusion of the Late Peace in Seventeen Hundred and Eighty-three: Containing a History of the British Interests in Indostan During a Period of Near Thirty Years, Distinguished by ... the Administration of Governor Hastings

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J. Debrett, 1786 - Bengal (India) - 505 pages

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Page 362 - Carnatic an everlasting monument of vengeance, and to put perpetual desolation as a barrier between him and those, against whom the faith which holds the moral elements of the world together, was no protection.
Page 159 - He has deprived us of our country, of our riches, and even of our honor ; and, not satisfied with that, he is going to send us prisoners to Fyzabad.
Page 363 - Whilst the authors of all these evils were idly and stupidly gazing on this menacing meteor, which blackened all their horizon, it suddenly burst, and poured down the whole of its contents upon the plains of the Carnatic.
Page 363 - ... and compounding all the materials of fury, havoc, and desolation, into one black cloud, he hung for a while on the declivities of the mountains. Whilst the authors of all these evils were idly and stupidly gazing on this menacing meteor...
Page 413 - Mr. Markham would explain particulars to him in the afternoon, and defiring him to let his mind be at reft, and not to conceive any terror or apprehenfion. — The following broken paffages in the Rajah's letter will ferve in...
Page 67 - ... that copies of the company's charters, their treaties with, and grants from the country powers; together with their letters and cor,refpondence to and from their fervants in India ; the ftate of their revenues in Bengal, Bahar, Orixa, and other places, fuuuld all be laid before the houfe : alfo an account of all expences incurred, by government on the company's account, whether in the' naval, military, or whatever other departments.
Page 398 - Dutch fettlements on the weitem. coafts of Sumatra, into their hands. The Dutch fettlement, in the town, port, and for-trefs of Negapatam, in the Tanjore country, could not...
Page 413 - To confirm his verbal fubmiflions, he repeated them in a letter, which he fent by the refident, the concluding fentences being, — " Whatever may be your " pleafure, do it with your own " hands.' I am your Have. What " occafion can there be for a "guard?
Page 70 - ... and to whom there is no ground to impute an abufe of that power, and who lent their money to the public upon the exprefs ftipulation, that they might exercife their...
Page 386 - ... the arms of fo great and excellent a prince. The confequence was, that all the Sepoys to a man deferted the fort in the night, and went over to Hyder, leaving their European officers to provide for themfelves as they might; who were accordingly obliged to furrender the place and themfelves. It was undoubtedly the difaffeflion of the Nabob's people, which...

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