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Oliver & Boyd, 1871 - Geography

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Page 7 - History of English Literature; with an OUTLINE of the ORIGIN and GROWTH of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Illustrated by EXTRACTS. For Schools and Private Students. By WILLIAM SPALDING, AM, Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, and Metaphysics, in the University of St Andrews.
Page 17 - SCHOOL REGISTER. PUPIL'S DAILY REGISTER OF MARKS. Improved Edition. Containing Spaces for 48 Weeks ; to which are added Spaces for a Summary and Order of Merit for each Month, for each Quarter, and for the Year.
Page 24 - ... King's College and University of Aberdeen, and formerly one of the Masters of the Edinburgh Academy. 1. Ferguson's Grammatical Exercises. With Notes, and a Vocabulary explaining every Word: in the Text. 2s. KEY, 2s. 2. Ferguson's Introductory Latin Delectus; Intended to follow the Latin Rudiments; with a Vocabulary containing an Explanation of every Word and of every Difficult Expression. 2s.
Page 18 - I am very happy to find that my anticipations as to the success of your Grammar have been fully realized. Your book does not require any longer a godfather; but if you wish me to act as such, I shall be most happy to have my name connected with your prosperous child. — Yours very truly, MAX MULLEH. " To Mons. CH Schneider, Edinburgh High School.
Page 4 - KEY, 2s. 6d. English Grammar, founded on the Philosophy of Language and the Practice of the best Authors. With Copious Exercises, Constructive and Analytical. By CW CONNON, LL.D. 2s. 6d. Spectator.—" It exhibits great ability, combining practical skill with philosophical views.
Page 12 - Dr White is remarkably happy in combining convenient brevity with sufficiency of information, clearness of exposition, and interest of detail. He shows great judgment in apportioning to each subject its due amount of consideration.
Page 21 - and "Greek Extracts " the sentences have been arranged strictly on the progressive principle, increasing in difficulty with the advancement of the Pupil's knowledge; while the Vocabularies contain an explanation not only of every word, but also of every difficult expression which is found in the works,— thus rendering the acquisition of the Latin and Greek languages both easy and agreeable.
Page 18 - In this work, Phrases and Idiomatic Expressions which are used most frequently in the intercourse of every-day life have been carefully collected. Care has been taken to avoid what is trivial and obsolete, and to introduce all the modern terms relative to railways, steamboats, and travelling in general.

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