Elementary Geography: Designed for Primary and Intermediate Classes

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University Publishing Company, 1899 - Geography - 104 pages
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Page 64 - Including a history of the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Manitoba ; of the Northwest Territory and of the Island of Newfoundland.
Page 27 - America would appear near the centre of the view, having the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific on the west.
Page 23 - DIVISIONS, namely, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Arctic, and the Antarctic oceans.
Page 7 - We cannot show them exactly as they are; but we will call the top of the plan north, the right hand east, the bottom south, and the left hand west.
Page 11 - ... portion of water stretching up into the land is a gulf or bay. Below is a picture of a lake, and also of a gulf or bay. The lake is in the distance, at the foot of the mountain. Near by is a bay, with a light-house on the cape, to prevent the sailors from running their vessels ashore in the darkness. An isthmus is a narrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land ; and the form of water that corresponds to an isthmus is a strait.
Page 13 - ... three great river systems and the basin which each one drains. Sheets of water surrounded by land are called lakes. Some lakes are called seas. Many rivers rise in lakes. For Recitation. What are oceans ? The largest divisions of the -great sea are called oceans. What is a gulf, bay or sea 1 A gulf, bay or sea is a division of the water partly surrounded by land. What is a strait ? A strait is a narrow passage of water which
Page 21 - ... that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the Saviour of the world...
Page 13 - What is a river ? A river is a large stream of water flowing through the land.
Page 9 - We know that the earth is shaped like a ball, because if we travel on it, always keeping in one direction, we come back at last to the place from which we set out. Why does the earth seem flat to us ? The earth seems flat to us because we see so little of it at once. How far is it round the earth ? The distance round the earth is 25,000 miles.
Page 14 - How long does it take the earth to go round the sun ? The earth goes round the sun once in a year.

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