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iUniverse, Jul 1, 2005 - 352 pages
"Very few of the titles, whether fiction or non, take a serious analytical look at the "Bible" as a biblical scholar or theologian would.

This is where "God's Inferno" differs from the majority. It utilizes logical, rational, reasoning to analyze what that Bible actually says, not what most have been lead to believe. It seriously attacks the present Christian faith as their tenants and doctrines are based on a very faulty interpretation of what the Bible actually says. It maintains, and proves, the god of the Old Testament is not the 'Supreme God', but merely what the Jewish people of Israel pictured their god to be. Naturally, if he is not the Supreme God, then Jesus is not the Son of that Supreme God but may have been the son of that hateful, murderous, vengeful god of the Old Testament.

From the founding of Christianity, it traces its impact through the first 1500-1600 years of the Catholic Church, the keepers of the faith during that time. It documents the Crusades, the Inquisitions and the Reformation as well as the many married priests, Popes who fathered children, and under aged leading fathers of the Church.

Finally, it attempts to motivate the indifferent Christian to utilize his God given mind to seriously think about what they actually believe and to conduct their lives according to that belief."


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