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Page 9 - Double Entry, per set, Is. 6d. Stewart's First Lessons in Arithmetic, for Junior Classes; containing Exercises in Simple and Compound Quantities arranged so as to enable the Pupil to perform the Operations with the greatest facility and correctness. With Exercises on the Proposed Decimal Coinage. 6d. stiff wrapper. Answers, 6d. Stewart's Practical Treatise on Arithmetic, Arranged for Pupils in Classes.
Page 1 - A DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, CONTAINING THE PRONUNCIATION, ETYMOLOGY, AND EXPLANATION OF ALL WORDS AUTHORIZED BY EMINENT WRITERS ; To which are added, a Vocabulary of the Roots of English Words, and an Accented Lat of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Page 10 - Secret of Hegel." Crown 8vo, 6s. " Schwegler'a is the best possible handbook of the history of philosophy, and there could not possibly be a better translator of it than Dr Stirling.
Page 13 - Traveller's COMPANION. Containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation ; a -Copious Vocabulary ; a very complete Series of Dialogues on Topics of Every-day Life ; Dialogues on the Principal Continental Tours, and on the Objects of Interest in Paris; with Models of Epistolary Correspondence.
Page 6 - Dr White is remarkably happy in combining convenient brevity with sufficiency of information, clearness of exposition, and interest of detail. He shows great judgment in apportioning to each subject its due amount of consideration.
Page 8 - Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage have been added. Lessons in Arithmetic for Advanced Classes; Being a Continuation of the Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. Containing Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Simple and Compound Proportion, with their Applications; Simple and Compound Interest; Involution and Evolution, etc. By ALEXANDER TROTTER.
Page 7 - Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which are added, a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, and a Table of Chronology. By ALEXANDER FRASEB TXTLEB, Lord Woodhouselee, formerly Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 6 - Murphy's Bible Atlas of 24 MAPS. With Historical Descriptions. Reduced to Is. coloured. HISTOBY. THI works In this department have been prepared with the greatest care. They will be found to Include Class-books for Junior and Senior Classes In all the branches of History generally taught in the best schools. While the utmost attention has been paid to accuracy, the narratives have in every case been rendered as instructive and pleasing as possible, so as to relieve the study from the tediousness...
Page 4 - I. Outlines of Mathematical and Physical Geography. II. Physical, Political, and Commercial Geography of the British Islands.

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