A Practical Treatise on the Use of the Globes, etc

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T. Boosey, 1810 - Astronomy - 118 pages
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Page 10 - English Synonymes Explained in Alphabetical Order. With copious Illustrations and Examples drawn from the Best Writers.
Page 33 - ... the point Aries, and upon every twelve degrees preceding and following that point, till there be ten or eleven marks ; bring that mark which is the nearest to Pisces to the eastern edge of the horizon, and set the index to 12 ; turn the globe westward till the other marks successively come to the horizon, and observe the hours passed over by the index ; the intervals of time between the marks coming to the horizon will show the diurnal difference of time between the moon's rising. If these marks...
Page 6 - General Table of the French Verbs, Regular and Irregular ; by which the Formation of any Tense or Person required may be immediately found. On a large sheet, 3s. coloured. Lewis' Church Catechism Explained, By Way of Question and Answer, and confirmed by Scripture Proofs.
Page 10 - The UNION DICTIONARY; containing; all that is truly useful in the Dictionaries of Johnson, Sheridan, and Walker: the orthography and explanatory matter selected from Dr. Johnson, the pronunciation adjusted according to Mr. Walker, with the addition of Mr. Sheridan's pronunciation of those words, wherein these two eminent orthoe'pists differ.
Page 1 - Edwards' Latin Delectus ; Or, First Lessons in Construing ; adapted throughout to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Latin Grammar, Rule by Rule ; with a Directrix, a Clavis Verborum, and Clavis of Proper Names. 8th Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth lett'd. All the accents and quantities are marked, precisely as in Edwards
Page 2 - Edit. 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth lettered. This little work is intended to teach, practically, the use of the Latin Grammar and Dictionary ; and while every care has been taken to remove obstacles, this Introduction is intended to call forth the latent energies of the mind by leaving sufficient cause for the pupil's own exertion.
Page 9 - Syllable distinctly shown, but, where Words are subject to different Pronunciations, the Authorities of our best Pronouncing Dictionaries are fully exhibited, the reasons for each are at large displayed, and the preferable Pronunciation is pointed out. To which are prefixed. Principles of English Pronunciation...
Page 5 - EMBLEMATICAL FRENCH SPELLING BOOK; or, French Pronunciation made easy: being a method by which any Child four or five years old, and of ever so slow an apprehension, although perfectly unacquainted with his Letters, will in a few months be enabled to read French fluently, and pronounce it as if he were a Parisian born. To which are added, besides instructions to enable any person to put this method in practice, a Systematic Appendix, justifying its principles, as likewise various reading pieces,...
Page 93 - To explain the phenomenon of the harvest moon. DEFINITION 1. The harvest moon, in north latitude, is the full moon which happens at, or near the time of the autumnal equinox; for, to the inhabitants of north latitude, whenever the moon is in Pisces or Aries (and she is in these signs twelve times in a year,) there is very little difference between her times of rising for several nights together, because her orbit is at these times nearly parallel to the horizon. This peculiar rising of the moon passes...
Page 61 - ... bring the given star to the eastern part of the horizon ; then the number of degrees between the star and the eastern point of the horizon will be its rising amplitude ; and the degree of the equinoctial cut by the horizon will be the oblique ascension : set the index of the...

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