First (-Sixth) standard reading-book, by J. Colville. [With] Primer, Volume 1

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Page 22 - Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon!
Page 41 - A SWARM of bees in May Is worth a load of hay; A swarm of bees in June Is worth a silver spoon; A swarm of bees in July Is not worth a fly.
Page 21 - The First Part comprehends Words in Common Use, Terms connected with Science and the Fine Arts, Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Names, with the Pronunciation according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians. The Second Part is an ample Dictionary of English words, with the Pronunciation according to the best Authorities. The whole is preceded by a Practical and Comprehensive System of French Pronunciation. 7s. 6d., strongly bound.
Page 17 - They are applicable to the business of real life, and are framed in such a way as to lead the pupil to reason on the matter. There are upwards of 200 Examples wrought out at length and minutely explained.
Page 11 - Is. 3d. White's System of Modern Geography ; with Outlines of ASTRONOMY and PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY; comprehending an Account of the Principal Towns, Climate, Soil, Productions, Religion, Education, Government, and Population of the various Countries. With a Compendium of Sacred Geography, Problems on the Globes, Exercises, etc.
Page 16 - Decimal Coinage have been added. Lessons in Arithmetic for Advanced Classes; being a Continuation of the Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. Containing Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Simple and Compound Proportion, with their Applications ; Simple and Compound Interest ; Involution and Evolution, etc. By ALEXANDER TROTTER.
Page 24 - Caesar; with illustrative Notes, a Historical and Geographical Index, and a Map of Ancient Gaul. 4s. Dymock's Sallust; with Explanatory Footnotes and a Historical and Geographical Index.
Page 51 - SIMPLE Simon met a pieman Going to the fair; Says Simple Simon to the pieman, "Let me taste your ware." Says the pieman to Simple Simon, "Show me first your penny"; Says Simple Simon to the pieman. "Indeed I have not any." Simple Simon went a-fishing For to catch a whale; All the water he had got Was in his mother's pail. Simple Simon went to look If plums grew on a thistle; He pricked his fingers very much, Which made poor Simon whistle.
Page 22 - Caron's Principles of French Grammar. With numerous Exercises. 2s. KEY, 2s. Spectator. — " May be recommended for clearness of exposition, gradual progression, and a distinct exhibition to the mind through the eye by means of typographical display : the last an important point where the subject admits of it.
Page 13 - Murphy's Bible Atlas of 24 MAPS. With Historical Descriptions. Reduced to Is. coloured. HISTOBY. THI works In this department have been prepared with the greatest care. They will be found to Include Class-books for Junior and Senior Classes In all the branches of History generally taught in the best schools. While the utmost attention has been paid to accuracy, the narratives have in every case been rendered as instructive and pleasing as possible, so as to relieve the study from the tediousness...

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