A new German reader, by C.W.F. Fischer-Fischart

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Charles W F Fischer- Fischart

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Page 454 - OUTLINE OF SACRED GEOGRAPHY. 6d. This little work is a manual of Scripture Geography for young persons. It is designed to communicate such a knowledge of the places mentioned in holy writ as will enable children more clearly to understand the sacred narrative. It contains references to the passages of Scripture in which the most remarkable places are mentioned, notes chiefly historical and descriptive, and a Map of the Holy Land in provinces and tribes.
Page 9 - Quantity treated of according to their mutual relations. 3s. 6d. 4. Greek Extracts; with a Vocabulary containing an Explanation of every Word and of the more Difficult Passages in the Text. 3s.
Page 1 - Watts' Catechism of Scripture History, and of the Condition of the Jews from the Close of the Old Testament to the Time of Christ. With INTRODUCTION by WK TWEEDIE, DD 2s.
Page 2 - A Complete System of Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical ; containing the Fundamental Rules, and their Application to Mercantile Computations ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Involution and Evolution ; Series ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent. By Mr TROTTER.
Page 1 - I. Ancient History ; Part II. History of the Middle Ages; Part III., Modern History. With a Map of the World. 7s.; or in Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This work contains numerous synoptical and other tables, to guide the researches of the student, with sketches of literature, antiquities, and manners during each of the great chronological epochs. Outlines of the History of Borne; with Questions for Examination.
Page 9 - THE acknowledged merit of these school-books, and the high reputation of the seminary from which they emanate, almost supersede the necessity of any recommendation. The " Latin " and " Greek Rudiments " form an introduction to these languages at once simple, perspicuous, and comprehensive. The
Page 456 - A carefully compiled history for the use of schools. The writer has consulted the more recent authorities : his opinions are liberal, and on the whole just and impartial : the succession of events is developed with clearness, and with more of that picturesque effect which so delights the young than is common in historical abstracts.
Page 6 - The French New Testament. The most approved PROTESTANT VERSION, and the one in general use in the FRENCH REFORMED CHURCHES. Pocket Edition, roan, gilt edges, Is. 6d. Chambaud's Fables Choisies. With a Vocabulary containing the meaning of all the Words. By SCOT and WELLS. 2s.
Page 4 - Answers, 6d. Scott's Mental Calculation. 6d. Teacher's Copy, 6d. Copy Books, in a Progressive Series. By R. SCOTT, late Writing-Master, Edinburgh. Each containing 24 pages. Price : Medium paper, 3d.; Post paper, 4d. Scott's Copy Lines, in a Progressive Series, 4d. each.

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