Good Order Established in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, in America: Being a True Account of the Country; with Its Produce and Commodities There Made in the Year 1685

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W. Gowans, 1865 - New Jersey - 111 pages

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Page 96 - WE do therefore hereby farther ordain, that from and after the Date hereof, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating Forge to work with a Tilt-Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Page 80 - THAT all Persons living in this Province, who confess and acknowledge the One Almighty and Eternal GOD, to be the Creator, Upholder and Ruler of the World, and that hold themselves obliged in Conscience to live peaceably and justly in civil Society, shall in no ways be molested or prejudiced for their religious Persuasion or Practice in Matters of Faith and Worship, nor shall they be compelled at any Time to frequent or maintain any religious Worship, Place or Ministry whatever.
Page 94 - A true declaration of the estate of the colonie in Virginia, with a confutation of such scandalous reports as have tended to the disgrace of so worthy an enterprise. Published by advise and direction of the Councell of Virginia.
Page 99 - Council having taken into their serious consideration the great necessity there is of a School Master for ye instruction & Sober Education of youth in the towne of Philadelphia, sent for Enoch Flower an inhabitant of the said town who for twenty year past hath been exercised in that care and employment in England...
Page 40 - SMYTH'S (Professor) Lectures on Modern History; from the Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the American Revolution.
Page 99 - LAWS of this government to the great end of all government, viz., to support power in reverence with the people and to secure the people from the abuse of power, that they may be free by their just obedience, and the magistrates honourable for their just administration; for liberty without obedience is confusion, and obedience without liberty is slavery.
Page 39 - Select letters on the trade and government of America; and the Principles of law and polity, applied to the American colonies.
Page 68 - Englishman is asleep in this path, the Indian shall pass him by, and say, "He is an Englishman, he is asleep; let him alone, he loves to sleep.
Page 63 - ... we know it to be hurtful to us; but if people will sell it to us, we are so in love with it that we cannot forbear it: when we drink it, it makes us mad, we do not know what we do, we then abuse one another, we throw each other into the fire.
Page 88 - A Declaration of the State of the Colonie and Affaires in Virginia, with the Names of the Adventurers, and Summes adventured in that Action by his Majesties Counseil for Virginia, 22 Junij, 1620, cut of the Great Seal of James I.

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