Outlines of physiography, Volume 2

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Page 7 - History of English Literature; with an OUTLINE of the ORIGIN and GROWTH of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Illustrated by EXTRACTS. For Schools and Private STUDENTS. By PROFESSOR Sr A ii 11 MI.
Page 7 - A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE; containing the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all Words authorized by eminent writers ; to which are added a Vocabulary of the Roots of English Words, and an accented list of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Page 19 - Critical Remarks, in which the various Methods of Pronouncing employed by different Authors are investigated and compared with each other.
Page 24 - COUNT SAFFI, Professor of the Italian Language at Oxford. — " I have adopted your Grammar for the elementary instruction of students of Italian in the Taylor Institution, and find it admirably adapted to the purpose, as well for the order and clearness of the rules, as for the practical excellence and ability of the exercises with which you have enriched it.
Page 13 - Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern. To which are added, a Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, and a Table of Chronology. By ALEXANDER FRASER TYTLER, Lord Woodhouselee, formerly Professor of History in the University of Edinburgh.
Page 8 - OBJECT-LESSON CARDS. On the Vegetable Kingdom. Set of 20 in a Box. £1, Is. On the Animal Kingdom. Set of 14 in a Box, £1, Is. On the Mineral Kingdom. Set of 14 in a Box, £1, Is.
Page 16 - GEOMETRICAL DRAWING. THE FIRST GRADE PRACTICAL GEOMETRY. Intended chiefly for the use of Drawing Classes in Elementary Schools taught in connexion with the Department of Science and Art. By JOHN KENNEDY, Head Master of Dundee School of Art.
Page 11 - Ewing's System of Geography. Carefully Revised. 4s. 6d. ; with 14 Maps, 6s. Besides a complete treatise on the science of geography, this work contains the elements of astronomy and of physical geography, and a variety of problems to be solved by the terrestrial and celestial globes. At the end is a pronouncing Vocabulary, in the form of a gazetteer, containing the names of all the places in the work. Elements of Astronomy: adapted for Private Instruction and Use of Schools.
Page 10 - OUTLINE OF SACRED GEOGRAPHY. 6d. This little work is a manual of Scripture Geography for young persons. It is designed to communicate such a knowledge of the places mentioned in holy writ as will enable children more clearly to understand the sacred narrative. It contains references to the passages of Scripture in which the most remarkable places are mentioned, notes chiefly historical and descriptive, and a Map of the Holy Land in provinces and tribes.
Page 7 - Madras College, St Andrews; and THOMAS ARMSTRONG, Heriot Foundation School, Edinburgh. Part I., Is. 6d. Part II., 2s. Both Parts bound together, 3s. KEY, 2s. Armstrong's English Etymology. 2s. Armstrong's Etymology for Junior Classes. 4d. Selections from Paradise Lost ; with NOTES adapted for Elementary Schools, by Rev. ROBERT DEMAUS, MA, late of the West End Academy, Aberdeen.

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