Revelations of the Divine Plan of the Ages: It's Time to Wake Up!

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Education - 172 pages

Chalk is a fictional story about a young man born in the coalmine country of rural Kentucky. He was born in 1863 to an English father and Cherokee Indian mother. Hard time and hard work filled his younger years. When his parents were both gone he followed a life of managing horses, doing blacksmith work and eventually found a good job on a Mississippi river boat. His experience led him to become a trail boss on a Texas bound wagon train. In Texas he found his life's calling, got married and became a local peace officer. At the same time he started ranching. His love and skills with horses and his honest life style he practiced found favor with the Military and he became a horse supplier for the Calvary. He was later drafted into military duty and rose rapidly in rank mustering out as a decorated Colonel.

As an author I used information to write the story that was handed down by my father and my wife's family. My family had Cherokee roots and the stories my grandmother told me were very real. She was born in 1847, endured the Civil war aftermath and saw the First World War take the lives of many fine young men. My father and his brothers were in Pershing's Army and the stories they brought home were never forgotten.

These times were difficult for everyone and need to be remembered. The lessons they contain are the real essence of how our country was able to grow to a major work power and leader in the cause for peace. As a first time author this work is an attempt to remind everyone that our nation has learned a lot but still has a lot more to learn. A great nation will always see another opportunity to improve. This is the American tradition.


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Chapter One The Word of
Chapter Two The End Time
Chapter Three The Great Tribulation
Chapter Five The Second Witness

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