Repertorium commentationum a societatibus litterariis editarum, Volume 5

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apud Henricum Dieterich, 1804 - Botany

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Page 5 - An improved solution of a problem in physical astronomy : by which, swiftly converging series are obtained, which are useful in computing the perturbations of the motions of the Earth, Mars and Venus, by their mutual attraction.
Page 198 - On the remarkable appearances at the polar regions of the planet Mars, the inclination of its axis, the position of its poles, and its spheroidical figure; with a few hints relating to its real diameter and atmosphei'e.
Page 491 - The treaty with Spain required, that the commissioners for running the boundary line between the territory of the United States and his Catholic Majesty's provinces of East and West Florida should meet at the Natchez, before the expiration of six months after the exchange of the ratifications, which was effected at Aranjuez on the 25th day of April; and the troops of his Catholic Majesty, occupying any posts within the limits of the United States, were, within the same period, to be withdrawn.
Page 69 - Second mémoire, sur la détermination de la parallaxe de la lune et de la courbure du méridien, contenant les observations faites depuis la fin d'Avril jusqu'au commencement de Septembre, 1752.
Page 101 - Observations for determining the Length of a Degree of Latitude in the Provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania, by Messieurs Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon.
Page 41 - Astronomical observations on the planets Venus and Mars, made with a .view to determine the heliocentric longitude of their nodes and the greatest inclination of their orbits.
Page 316 - A Deduction of the Quantity of the Sun's Parallax from the Comparison of the several Observations of the late Transit of Venus, made in Europe, with those made in George Island in the South Sea: Communicated by Mr.
Page 284 - ... Marivaux, P. de. — The Agreeable Surprise. A Comedy etc. In : Poetical Blossoms, etc., London, 12mo. / BM, 238. g. 9. (419) Marmontel, J.-F.— Moral Tales. Vol. III. London : T. Becket & PA De Hondt. 12mo. Pr. 3s. / SM, XXVIII, Mar., 145. / BM, 12514. c. 29. / See No. 324 supra. (420) Messier, C. — "A Memoir, containing the History of the Return of the famous Comet of 1682, with Observations on the same...
Page 138 - Of an Appearance of Light, like a Star, seen in the Dark Part of the Moon, on Friday the 7th of March, 1794, by Wm.
Page 47 - The Observations of the Internal Contact of Venus With the Sun's Limb, in the Late Transit, Made in Different Places of Europe. Compared With the Time of the Same Contact Observed at the Cape of Good Hope, and the Parallax of the Sun From Thence Determined,

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