Introductory Latin Delectus: with a copious vacabulary

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Page 15 - Melrose's Concise System of Practical Arithmetic; containing the Fundamental Rules and their Application to Mercantile Calculations ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Exchanges ; Involution and. Evolution ; Progressions ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent, etc.
Page 2 - Dr M'Culloch's Series of Lessons in Prose and Verse. 2s. Dr M'Culloch's Course of Elementary Reading in SCIENCE and LITERATURE, compiled from popular Writers.
Page 12 - GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius Cœsar to the Death of George II.
Page 30 - ... immemor, seu visa est catulis cerva fidelibus, seu rupit teretes Marsus aper plagas. me doctarum hederae praemia frontium dis miscent superis, me gelidum nemus 30 nympharumque leves cum Satyris chori secernunt populo, si neque tibias Euterpe cohibet nee Polyhymnia Lesboum refugit tendere barbiton.
Page 13 - Abridgment of the HISTORY of ENGLAND; from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Death of George II.
Page 32 - Atque, ut, in eodem simili verser, ut ager quamvis fertilis sine cultura fructuosus esse non potest : sic sine doctrina animus ; ita est utraque res sine altera dehilis. Cultura autem animi philosophia est...
Page 51 - ... visum esse rogare, ut, quoniam sibi vivo non subvenisset, mortem suam ne inultam esse pateretur ; se interfectum in plaustrum a caupone esse coniectum et supra stercus iniectum ; petere, ut mane ad portam adesset, prius quam plaustrum ex oppido exiret.
Page 8 - ART'S COMPENDIUM of MODERN GEOGRA^ PHY ; with Remarks on the Physical Peculiarities, Productions, Commerce, and Government of the various Countries; Questions for Examination at the end of each Division ; and Descriptive Tables, in which are given the Pronunciation, and a concise Account of every Place of importance throughout the World.
Page 9 - The names of places are accented, and accompanied with short descriptions, and occasionally with the mention of some remarkable event. To the several countries are appended notices of their physical geography, productions, government, and religion ; concluding with an outline of sacred geography, problems on the use of the globes, and directions for the construction of maps.
Page 14 - Principles of Arithmetic, and their Application to Business explained in a Popular Manner, and clearly Illustrated by Simple Rules and Numerous Examples. Remodelled and greatly Enlarged, with Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage.

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