Sadlier's Elementary Geography

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D. & J. Sadlier & Company, 1883 - Geography - 72 pages

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Page 4 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 16 - That the discovery and exploration of America were Catholic enterprises, undertaken by Catholics with Catholic motives, and carried out by Catholic co-operation ; 2.
Page 7 - ... South America. What are the divisions of the Eastern Continent ? Europe, Asia, and Africa. What is an Ocean ? The largest division of the water. How many Oceans are there ? Five ; Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern or Antarctic, Northern or Arctic. Which is the largest Ocean ? The Pacific Ocean. What is an Island ? A portion of land entirely surrounded by water. What is a Peninsula? A portion of land almost surrounded by water. What is a Lake ? What is an Isthmus?
Page 7 - What is the largest body of Water called ? An Ocean. And the largest body of Land? A Continent. What is a portion of Land with water all round it? An Island. If it has water round it at all parts but one ? A Peninsula ; which means, ' ' almost an island. " What is an Isthmus? A narrow neck of land joining two larger portions. What is a narrow neck of Water joining two larger portions ? A Strait. And a passage wider than a Strait ? A Channel. What is a Cape? A point of land jutting into the sea. What...

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