A Voyage to the Eastern Part of Terra Firma, Or the Spanish Main, in South-America, During the Years 1801, 1802, 1803, and 1804: Containing a Description of the Territory Under the Jurisdiction of the Captain-General of Caraccas, Composed of the Provinces of Venezuela, Maracaibo, Varinas, Spanish Guiana, Cumana, and the Island of Margaretta; and Embracing Every Thing Relative to the Discovery, Conquest, Topography, Legislation, Commerce, Finance, Inhabitants and Productions of the Provinces, Together with a View of the Manners and Customs of the Spaniards, and the Savage as Well as Civilized Indians, Volume 1

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I. Riley and Company, 1806 - Indians of South America - 2 pages

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Page ii - POMEROY, of the said District, hath deposited in this Office the title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as Proprietor, in the words following, to wit : . . "Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence.
Page 62 - The vast forests which cover them would be capable of furnishing, for ages, the most extensive ship-yards, with an abundant supply of timber, if the roughness of the mountains did not render the labour of cutting and conveyance too difficult and too expensive for a country, whose navigation does not receive sufficient encouragement to enable it to support its own expense. It is twenty years since the king...
Page 63 - ... which enrich individuals. All the timber which is consumed in the port for the refitting, and even for the building of vessels, is transported by the rivers of Tocuyo and Yaraqui, to Porto Cabello, situated fifteen leagues to the windward. A little more to the windward of the mouth of the Tocuyo, in the latitudes of the small Tucacas islands, the proximity of wood facilitates the establishment of yards, but the want of demand causes that resource to be neglected. At Maracaibo, they...
Page 107 - I 2 11.5 their parents, but, whether Peter be not as noble as Anthony ; that the family of John has such, or such a blemish ; that when a marriage took place in this family, that of Diego went into mourning. Such puerile conversations banish every manly sentiment from the heart, powerfully influence manners, create divisions between families, keep up a spirit of distrust, and break the bonds of charity, which are the very foundation, and object of society. "The system of education,
Page 205 - God be already above his conception, what 240 signify to him the mysteries on which the Christian religion is founded? They are barriers which he does not think of approaching, much less of surmounting. What will always baffle the most zealous apostle to the Indians, is that they are utterly destitute of faith; and we know that without that gift of God which engages sincerely to acquiesce in the truths which he has revealed to his church, no man can be considered achristian.
Page 173 - ... DESCRIPTION, &C. A FEW physical and moral traits are at once descriptive of all the various Indian tribes. That which they have in common with respect to their bodily frame, is the big head, narrow forehead, hair black, lank and long, eyes of middling size, sharp nose, large mouth, thick lips, and broad face. Their colour, generally copper, varies according to the temperature of the country in which they live ; and their stature, commonly from four feet and a half to five, is among other tribes...
Page 73 - It is at about the distance of six leagues from the sea, and the space which separates them is filled with inaccessible mountains. It is the more difficult to account for its having no visible passage for discharge, as it receives rivers on all sides, which proves it to be a perfect basin.
Page 108 - ... up, to those studies which they neglected in their youth. They fancy the whole circle of the sciences are contained in the Latin Grammar of Nebrija, the Philosophy of Aristotle, the Institutes of Justinian, the Curia Philippica, and theological writings of Gonet and Larraga. If they can make extracts from these works, say mass, display the doctor's badge, or appear in the dress of a priest or monk, they are then sufficiently accomplished for any line or profession. Decency, however, in their...
Page 58 - Venezuela furnishes a considerable quantity of salt, of a beautiful whiteness ; but the most abundant salt-pit s that of Araya, which may vie with all those of America, not even excepting Turks Island. That salt-pit consists of a mixture of the fossil and marine salts. Its working is very little attended to ; so that it does not yield the one hundredth part of the quantity it is capable of producing.
Page 93 - ... Then they must coast it to the south of the island of Trinidad, as far as Point Hicacos, which they must approach within two cables' length, in order to pass between that point and a shoal which is in the middle of the channel, formed by the small island of Soldado and the same point. After advancing two-thirds of a league to the north, they may approach within one league of the coast, to the west of Trinidad, till they come to anchorage in the Port of Spain ; for there is mooring there to the...

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