Walks in Florence, Volume 1

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Page 307 - Ciascun , che della bella insegna porta Del gran Barone , il cui nome e il cui pregio La festa di Tommaso riconforta , Da esso ebbe milizia e privilegio , Avvegna che col popol si rauni Oggi colui che la fascia col fregio.
Page 263 - As came to Clymene, to be made certain Of that which he had heard against himself, He who makes fathers chary still to children, Even such was I, and such was I perceived By Beatrice and by the holy light That first on my account had changed its place.
Page 11 - Florence, within the ancient boundary From which she taketh still her tierce and nones, Abode in quiet, temperate and chaste. No golden chain she had, nor coronal, Nor ladies shod with sandal shoon, nor girdle That caught the eye more than the person did.
Page 10 - Fiorenza, dentro dalla cerchia antica, Ond' ella toglie ancora e terza e nona, Si stava in pace, sobria e pudica: Non avea catenella, non corona, Non donne contigiate, non cintura Che fosse a veder pi¨ che la persona : Non faceva, nascendo, ancor paura La figlia al padre, chŔ il tempo e la dote Non fuggian quinci e quindi la misura: Non avea case di famiglia vote; Non v...
Page 375 - I still was downward bent and listening, When my Conductor touched me on the side, Saying: "Speak thou: this one a Latian is.
Page 194 - VOL. i. o unrestrained dominion than, establishing himself in the Monastery of Sta. Croce, he commenced a career of crime and bloodshed which has made his name infamous, and in which he was chiefly abetted by Cerettieri Visdomini. When the Florentines at last succeeded in shaking off the Ghibelline yoke, and restoring their Guelphic rulers, the Macci, because they had given a home to De Brienne, were exiled, and their dwellings bestowed on the captains of the Bigallo, who established their Residence...
Page 14 - The stock from which were the Calfucci born Was great already, and already chosen To curule chairs the Sizii and Arrigucci. O how beheld I those who are undone By their own pride ! and how the Balls of Gold no Florence enflowered in all their mighty deeds ! So likewise did the ancestors of those Who evermore, when vacant is your church, Fatten by staying in consistory.
Page 66 - These characteristics occur more or less in different buildings, some in one and some in another. But all together, and all in their highest possible relative degrees, they exist, as far as I know, only in one building in the world, the Campanile of Giotto at Florence.
Page 339 - To gain a correct impression of them, indeed, these figures should be seen in their original places, where their supernatural size, the bold freedom of their attitudes, and something of the classical in their appearance, would give them still greater value. Pippo Spano, in a defiant attitude, bending the steel of his rapier in his two hands, and with legs apart, challenges the world and seems capable of victory. There is dignity in the...
Page 72 - Hawkwood. It is a fine work for the period in which it was produced ; being actively in motion, and true to nature; but it reveals in Andrea more vehemence than grandeur or dignity; and the forms of the horse lack the purity which characterizes that of Uccelli.

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