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Page 301 - Forbes has clearly proved that " the specific identity, to any extent, of the flora and fauna of one area, with those of another, depends on both areas forming, or having formed, part of the same specific centre, or on their having derived their animal and vegetable population by transmission, through migration, over continuous or closely contiguous land, aided, in the case of alpine floras, by transportation on floating masses of ice.
Page 312 - ... originated in one spot only, may explain, in a satisfactory manner, one part of this phenomenon; for we may assume that a lofty chain of mountains opposed a powerful barrier to migration, and that the mountains were more ancient than the introduction of these particular quadrupeds and birds into the planet. But the limitation of peculiar generic types to certain geographical areas, now observed in so many parts of the globe, points to some other and higher law governing the creation of species...
Page 314 - ... creation of the bird in and for such islands, he chiefly expresses that he knows not how the Red-grouse came to be there and there exclusively ; signifying also by this mode of expressing such ignorance, his belief that both the bird and the islands owed their origin to a great first Creative Cause. And this analysis of the real meaning of the phrase
Page 314 - Grouse of England were distinct creations in and for those islands respectively. Always, also, it may be well to bear in mind that by the word ' creation ' the zoologist means
Page 234 - Incas. (Researches, Philosophical and Antiquarian, concerning the Aboriginal History of America (Baltimore, 1829), p.
Page 287 - By confounding the language of men, and scattering them abroad upon the face of the earth, they were rendered savages. And to harden them for their new habitations, it was necessary that they should be divided into different kinds, fitted for different climates.
Page 210 - Si vero terra exortae sunt secundum originem primam, quando dixit Deus : Producat terra animam vivam, multo clarius apparet non tam reparandorum animalium causa quam figurandarum variarum gentium propter ecclesiae sacramentum in arca fuisse omnia genera, si in insulis, quo transire non possent, multa animalia terra produxit.
Page 210 - Producat terra animam vivam ! multo clarius apparet, non tam reparandorum animalium causa, quam figurandarum variarum gentium (?) propter Ecclesiœ sacramentum in Arca fuisse omnia genera, si in insulis, quo transire non possent, multa animalia terra produxit (Augustinus, de Civitate Dei, 1.
Page 307 - I was led to speculate on the possibility of the plants of the Southern Ocean being the remains of a flora that had once spread over a larger and more continuous tract of land than now exists in...
Page 295 - The unity of plan in otherwise highly diversified types of animals, exhibits thought; it exhibits more immediately premeditation, for no plan could embrace such a diversity of beings, called into existence at such long intervals of time, unless it had been framed in the beginning with immediate...

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