Sheldon's Graded Examples in Arithmetic: 1st book

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American Book Company, 1883

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Page 118 - Two men start from the same point, and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of 75 miles a day, and the other at the rate of 100 miles a day.
Page 118 - If two persons start from the same point, and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of 6...
Page 205 - ... of cloth at $2.20 a yard, for which I paid $1.88. How many yards must I sell, at the same rate, to make $19.20 ? 147. A man having $84600, gave • of it to his wife, of it to his son, and the remainder he divided equally among his daughters, giving each $5875.
Page 114 - Ans. 2265 miles. 9. Three persons bought a hotel valued at 35680 dollars. The first agreed to pay 7375 dollars, the second agreed to pay twice as much, and the third the remainder; how much was the third to pay ? Ans. 13555 dollars. 10. Borrowed of my neighbor at one time 750 dollars, at another time 379 dollars, and at another 450 dollars. Having paid him 1000 dollars, how much do I still owe him? Ans. 579 dollars. 11. A man worth 6709 dollars, received a legacy of 3000 dollars.
Page 203 - Find the least common multiple of 21, 38, and 56. The greatest common divisor of 45 and 135. 10. A grocer bought 7,200 gallons of oil, one-third of it leaked out, and he sold the remainder at 25 cents a gallon. How much did he receive for it ? 11. From two and four-tenths yards take .445 of a yard. 12. Add the numbers from 490 to 505 (inclusive). 13. If 25 lb.
Page 42 - John writes 6 lines a day ; in how many days will he write 18 lines ? 9. If a scholar explains 2 examples in one minute, in how many minutes will he explain 12 examples ? 10. At 5 shillings a bushel, how many bushels of apples can be bought for 15 shillings ? 11. At 2 dollars a barrel, how many barrels of apples can be bought for 14 dollars ? 12.
Page 128 - How much was my gain 141. A farmer sold 125 bushels of corn at $.62 per bu.; he received in payment 10 yards of cassimere worth $1.50 per yard, and the rest in cash. How much cash did he receive ? 11$. A tree was broken by the wind 14 feet from the ground ; the part broken off was 4 times the length of the part standing. What was the length of the tree ? 143. How many pecks of wheat, worth one dollar a bushel, will it take to pay for 30 yards of ticking at 40 cts. per yard ? Ц4.
Page 108 - B start from the same point and travel in opposite" directions, A at the rate of 30 mi., and B at the rate of 44 mi.
Page 199 - Cornell had 644 bushels of wheat from one field, which cost him $184 to raise ; 830 bushels from another, which cost him $220 to raise. He sold all at 80 cts. a bushel. How much did he make from the two fields ? 84. What is the entire cost of 315936 gills of milk at 20 cts. a gallon, and 14 bushels 3 pecks of beans at 5 cts. a quart ? 85. If a house is valued at 4780 dollars, the lot 4 times as much as the house + 500 dollars, and the furniture at as much as the house, what is the value of the...

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